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Why choose double glazing for your windows

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While designing the exteriors and interiors of their home, many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of windows. They do not realize what blunder they have committed until, a few months down the road, their heating bill goes through the roof; This is just of the many drawbacks you are going to face if you look at windows in a down upon way.

Many types of windows might tempt you to call window manufacturers and have them installed. However, none of them is going to cater to your needs better than double glazed windows. Currently, these windows are making headlines everywhere for all the right reasons. If you are wondering what makes them so special, you need to navigate through its following benefits right away:

  1. Reduce energy bills

You can say that the main aim of designing the double glazed windows was to stay on the top of the insulation game. And no wonder, this is the number one reason why homeowners opt for these windows.

The special design of double glazed windows from Double glazed windows Sydney enables them to cope with all the weather conditions. In other words, your home is likely to stay warm in winter and cold in summer. That way, not only the residents will be able to live comfortably inside their property but also pay minimum energy bills.

As far as power prices are concerned, unfortunately, there is no relief in sight. But the good news is that you do not need that having double glazed windows by your side. Numerically speaking, you can save about 200 to 250 dollars annually on energy bills by turning to double glazed windows. This amount may seem negligible at the first blush. But if you have the foresight to think 20 years ahead, this seemingly insignificant amount will pile up to 4000 to 5000 dollars, which a seriously big deal.

  1. Keep external noises at bay

Well, countryside people may not resonate with this problem due to their comparatively calm surroundings. However, when it comes to urban settings, external noises are a continuous source of irritation and annoyance. You can expect constant outside interruption even at so-called peaceful locations.

No matter which part of the earth you are living in, this is the nature of almost every big city. Indeed, this is never a good feeling to lose sleep owing to traffic horns, particularly when you have a long day ahead. You can rely on double glazed windows to confront this challenge.

The logic behind why double glazed windows are so effective to cut noises is no difficult to crack. As we know, sound travels in the form of waves. For example, if you are using a single glazed window, the sound waves will have only one roadblock to cross. By using double glazed windows, the sound waves will have to go through multiple barriers. As a result, the frequency of volume will sharply decline.

  1. Provide extra security

Windows are typically a go-to option for burglars to sneak inside a house. Using traditional windows makes the job relatively easy for robbers because they are fragile in so many ways. In contrast, double glazed windows offer much stronger resistance.

Here is how the security of your house becomes nearly unbreachable with double glazed windows:

  • The glass used in these windows is as much as about five times tougher than the common glass. Naturally, it would require the burglar to infuse more force to break it. So even if the glass is somehow successfully penetrated, it will generate a loud noise. And, reacting to the noise, the neighbors or property owners will wake up.

  • Double glazed windows come up with many types of internal locks which make them very difficult, if not impossible, to open from outside.

  • You can take the security to virtually the next level by adding laminated glass.

Considering these rare qualities, you will experience peace of mind like never before after dismantling the traditional windows and replacing them double glazed windows; This is particularly true if you happen to live in a rural area. Going by the well-documented numbers, more burglaries take place in the countryside compared to metropolitans.

  1. Easy maintenance

Usually, you will hear that double glazed windows are problematic in terms of maintenance. Well, it is nothing more than a misconception. As long as you indulge in regular brush up, maintenance is never going to be an issue for many years.

Do not assume that washing these windows will take an enormous amount of time and labor. Soapy water and rag will get the job done quite convincingly.

  1. No condensation

If allowed unchecked, we all know what havocs condensation can cause. With time, moisture can take the form of mould, which could potentially turn into a health hazard. Also, not to mention the costly repairs.

Conventional windows are one of the major sources to condense the house. The reason behind this is that windows are typically cooler in winter due to the climate, but the inside air is reasonably warmer. This difference in temperature eventually leads to the birth of water droplets.

This is the point where double glazed windows differ from the rest. It may be cold outside, but there will not be much difference between the temperature of internal air and the temperature of the window pane. Thus, condensation will stay at a safe distance from your home sweet home.

  1. Enhance overall appeal of the property

If you are thinking that you can subscribe to all these benefits at the expanse of compromising on the looks of your house, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. If anything, double glazed windows only add in the curb appeal of your property.

Your only limit is your imaginations while talking about the availability of frames. The outpour of sunlight will sparkle your house in a way that, in all probability, visitors will first catch the sight of these windows. Provided the factor of aesthetics, many homeowners invest in double glazed windows before putting their home for sale.

  1. Minimizes interior damages

When there is scorching heat outside, the items lying close to your windows may be damaged. It could include expensive furniture and other home décor accessories. You will have to spend money to restore their lost luster.

You can officially bid farewell to this challenge with the help of double glazed windows. Regardless of the severity of UV rays, these windows are well-equipped to ensure complete safety to the internal fittings.


As you can see, these windows offer everything a homeowner can venture to imagine. Of course, single glazed windows are cheaper, but they have no standing in front of double glazed windows due to their overwhelming advantages. Provided all the available options, the superiority of double glazed windows is out of the question.


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