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7 Golden Rules of Proper Poker Etiquette

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Keep your chips logically organized.

If you’ve never set foot into a casino before, you’re going to need to study up on some etiquette essentials. Although these are unwritten rules, they’re equally as important as understanding how to play the game.

  1. Wait your turn

A poker table operates in a clockwise fashion. If someone were to break the flow, this could put another player at an unfair advantage. This is because those who act first have less information to work with than those who act last. While a single instance of this might net you a warning, repeat violations may get you removed from the table.

  1. Don’t stall

No one likes someone who stalls for no reason. This could be thinking for far too long, wasting time by talking to other players or the staff, etc. If you legitimately need more time to ponder your next move, say “time, please.” Otherwise, focus on the game and use whatever information is available to you to think ahead and form a decision quickly. This is essential poker etiquette.

  1. Keep your cards where people can see them

To avoid suspicions of foul play, you should always keep the cards you were dealt on the table where everybody can see them, face down. This also prevents other people from peeking behind your back and thus revealing what your hole cards are. Also, trying to hide your cards might give the impression that you no longer wish to participate in the round.

  1. Be polite

Even though facing a heated showdown with another player does happen in poker, try to keep your cool and act professional. Although it may be hard to see at the time, the dealer is never at fault for the outcome of the round. In case you have a problem with one of the other guests, notify the staff.

  1. Tip the dealer

Although tipping isn’t required per se, it’s how many dealers make a living, so you should honor it by tipping them at least once every hour. Taking down a pot makes for the perfect opportunity to do so.

  1. Place your chips on the table

Instead of splashing your chips directly into the pot, place them onto the table in front of you when you make a bet. Otherwise, the dealer has no way of knowing how much you bet and whether you bet the right amount.

  1. Make sure your stack remains visible

Your stack of chips should be in front of you where others can see it. Do not try to block it with your hands. Organize your stack in a way so the chips of the same value will be stacked on top of one another. Don’t add or remove chips from your total mid-game.

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If you’re going to be playing poker at a traditional brick & mortar casino, you should always dress to impress and mind your etiquette! It may sound demanding at first, but everyone gets used to it after a while.

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