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6 Easy Ways to implement entrepreneur education virtually

In the scenario of utter challenges in the field of the education sector, virtual education has enabled some shapeshifting transitions to the industry. Several foundations and universities have risen to the occasion and have enabled entrepreneurship education with a blended learning approach. 

The scale of adoption in the last year has grown manifold to shape the young entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses. Recognizing the immense possibilities digital learning and technology could bring, people started to lend entrepreneurship opportunities as per curriculum standards and prepare youth for future opportunities.

However, the onset to implement entrepreneur education virtually is not a cup of cake. While it has proven to increase incomes and enterprise revenues, the best practices for entrepreneurship education and training are limited. 

To fill this important gap and engage young aspiring entrepreneurs virtually, we are listing some easy ways to provide you with different strategies to implement entrepreneur education and maximize success.

Sharing experiences to Start a Businesses

This method is an opportunity to take the vehicle of learning to advocate a real-world venture creation course. From practicing methods for navigating unknown territories here, you can teach the power of human agency and learn other disciplinary areas of the entrepreneurial journey. Sharing experiences from renowned entrepreneurs can enable and develop their entrepreneurial thinking and give them a basic overview of all functions of the business. But make sure whatever you educate virtually needs to be practiced within the entrepreneurship method. So, thus push young aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about the sweat equity associated with a start-up and help them develop their new venture creation style.

Serious Games and Simulations

To keep learners connected to the course and implement new ways to educate them about entrepreneur courses, you can look for applications that expose students to real challenges in a virtual world. With the influence of the games on the rising generations is undeniable, entrepreneur education trainers can use this platform to investigate and experiment with fun elements. This aspect enables them to teach network training and is used for recruiting and training purposes.

Design-Based Learning

The majority of the focus within the entrepreneurship education curriculum lies on the case studies of opportunity evaluation, but less is determined on identifying the opportunity. With a virtual medium, one can teach entrepreneurship through a design lens that can cover important observance, problem-solving, and creating value. You can bring the best qualities and guide them on unique venture opportunities by teaching based on a design curriculum.

Reflective Practice

In the fundamental entrepreneurial practices ensuring to add a practice of reflection can act as a catalyst to help start-up beginners to develop knowledge through the cycle of experience. In the medium of virtual learning and teaching, it is essential to take time to design and inject an action-based curriculum to get the potential outcome. This strategy helps the beginner to work under conditions of high uncertainty and practice only through engagement. Knowledge gained through perplexing experiences represents a continuous cycle of learning. So, given the nature of entrepreneurship, a virtual entrepreneur education model that depends on learning, absorbing, and regurgitating can prove valuable.

Brainstorm Bins

Thinking out of the box and implementing vivid ways to brainstorm your students’ ideas can be the best module to teach effectively. These brainstorm bins are a way to introduce projects to tell your young aspiring entrepreneurs that their voices matter and encourage them with sufficient reference to help self-learning. Providing them with ample entrepreneurial goals to reach every monthly basis can encourage and build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Shark Tank module 

To encourage self-confidence to build their venture, you can guide them to watch episodes of Shark Tank. This TV series can help them with ideas and approaches to pitch their business ideas and also help them to improve their entrepreneurial skills by learning about investing and presenting. Similarly, you can even enable virtual trials in the form of a competition where they can share their ideas and present their final business projects at the end of the year, thus giving them the confidence to create their business strategy.


With learning changing rapidly, there is a strong and growing interest in learning entrepreneurship virtually. Some universities offer a hands-on program for learning entrepreneurship. Even online platforms enable entrepreneurship mentoring programs with inbuilt videos and virtual face-to-face interaction with trained faculty.

With the above ways, we hope that aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to partake in the course digitally and be prepared to face the challenges in the road up ahead. The social media-based cooperative learning model aims to develop entrepreneurial attitudes and values to ensure digital support and guide the learners in their entrepreneurial journey.


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