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Marketing tips for Christmas period

An e-commerce site is strongly impacted by seasonality, and even more so by the Christmas period. To cope with the massive influx of Internet users and take advantage of the end of the year to increase your turnover, here is everything you should not forget.

E-commerce is undoubtedly the sector most affected by seasonality. The sales periods, the various holidays or quite simply the weather conditions influence the purchases of consumers. Christmas is fast approaching, and a bit like the elves who have to finish preparing all the gifts, you have to make sure that your e-commerce site is ready to receive the massive influx of Internet users.

Did you know? 85% of web users shop on the Internet for Christmas. This period therefore requires a specific strategy, adapted to the needs of customers' expectations at this time of the year when consumption is king. What this means for you: you absolutely must support the buying journey of your prospects. Consider creating buying guides, innovative content and communicating on social networks to boost your visibility as Christmas approaches. Along with the website update for Christmas, always use social network marketing. Buy Twitter followers to make sure that people check and actually believe in your brand. Don’t forget about TikTok or Facebook. 

Waiting too long puts you at a disadvantage. You need to be prepared to capitalize on the increased traffic and the consumer mindset during this time. They will be ready and willing to click on your buy button. So make sure you take these actions to get your online business ready for the holiday season. So, whether it's to educate your prospects on how you can help them during this good time or to promote your offers to your consumers, here is THE essential checklist to carry out all the checks. Better than a gift list!

Analyze the data for the previous year-end

To get started, learn the lessons of last Christmas. Sit quietly in front of your computer with a coffee or tea, open an Excel table and write down on one side the ideas that have worked well and the good practices used. It is something simple to do but many companies completely ignore this gold mine that they have at their disposal. Where did most of your traffic come from during this time last year that led to conversions? Was it through email marketing, social media, paid search, or organic traffic? Do this for the optimization of your content on search engines. Look at the data from Google Analytics and identify the best channels to build campaigns for the holiday season. On the other side, think about areas for improvement, problems encountered and decisions that can be improved. For example, if a business estimates that email marketing was responsible for 40% of their conversions over the past holiday season, it would be smart to roll out bigger email campaigns this year.

E-commerce site in Christmas colours

Colors evoke emotions and have a sometimes astounding influence in purchasing decisions. Also, everyone loves the Christmas spirit. You must therefore provide your e-commerce site with colors that reflect this atmosphere. You can be as creative as you want and dress your site in red and green if that's okay with you. But obviously I'm not going to urge you to completely change your theme. The ideal is to choose a color palette reminiscent of Christmas (red, green, gold, bronze, blue, etc.) and add small touches to your design. Make sure that your colors blend well together, for example silver with blue, red with black, red with green, etc. Update your visuals on the occasion of this beautiful Christmas party. It would be a shame not to embellish your emails, your website or your blog in a simple but effective way to make your prospects want to take more interest in your products / services.


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