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Building Your Brand - 6 Secrets to Building a Powerful Business Brand

  • Written by News Company

As a new business owner, you will no doubt have hopes and dreams of a powerful brand that everyone recognizes. However, rising to the top takes more than just time. It takes skill, hard work, determination and plenty of fire in your belly. Here are six ways essential you can build a powerful brand for your business.


Shameless Promotion

A business owner or manager needs to utilise every opportunity to get the company’s name into the limelight. Never be shy about promoting your brand at every opportunity. Simple strategies such as printing your logo on branded promotional products such as pens, hats and reusable coffee cups, can often be your opening to tell potential new customers all about your business. Additionally, attending trade shows and conferences, can also boost your network and gain contacts.


Know Your Identity

The road to starting a new business is long and arduous with many steps required to reach your goal. However, without taking those first steps, you can’t begin to know the identity of your business. Even though you’re the owner, do you know who you’re targeting and how you plan to attract them? Do you know how your branding will represent your image? Before you even begin to establish a client base, you must first create a plan of attack. Otherwise, you may end up one of the 80 percent of new businesses that fail within 12 months.


Don’t Skimp on Design

Many new business owners are trying to cut costs every way they can. After all, getting a new project off the ground can cost a significant amount of money. However, your logo is one area in which you can’t afford to cut corners as it incorporates your entire brand and image. If you don’t have a branding guide, how can you establish a robust business image? Rather than create a logo yourself and risk it looking unprofessional, hire an experienced graphic designer instead.


Utilize Social Media

Virtually everyone is active on at least one form of social media these days. Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore these platforms. To create a powerful brand, you need to get as much exposure as possible. Develop ad campaigns on Facebook with specific demographics, and you will be able to communicate your core message to the customer base you require.


Cover the Basics

Any new business owner’s number one priority is getting new customers and establishing a client base, but have you covered the basics first? Don’t forget to pay attention to your website, online advertising, shop frontage, and even fine-tuning product stands. If you also plan on hiring staff, be sure to choose those who are skilled in customer service. Nothing kills a potential deal faster than creating a poor first impression because your team isn’t up to the task of connecting with your customers.


Compare Your Competition

More likely than not, your new business will not be the first of its kind, nor will it be the last. Therefore, there’s no harm in paying attention to what your competition is doing. While your aim is not to copy them, you can see what is working for them, what isn’t, and how you can do it better. Be sure to sign up for their marketing emails and follow them on social media.


Establishing a powerful business brand doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen if you cover all your bases. Before you roll up your sleeves and do battle in the marketplace, be sure to tick all the boxes for branding, advertising, and presenting your products to the market in the best way possible.



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