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5 Important things to keep in mind when shooting a corporate video

  • Written by News Company

A corporate video holds a lot of importance when marketing your firm, so why not hire a corporate videographer in Sydney to shoot the project in the right style.  They will look into each and every aspect of production from the concept to completion.

Therefore, listed below are some of the important things to keep in mind when shooting a corporate video:


It all starts with a well written yet simple script. Before starting with the shoot ensure that the script has been planned in accordance with the subjects in the video. Whether making a website, app or even shooting a corporate video you need to research your target audience and then write the script.  Make the narrative clear without diverting from the main topic and ensure that everyone who is working in the team clearly understands the agenda behind producing the corporate video.

  1. Simple and compact

  2. Use less complex words

  3. Direct to the topic


A boardroom is not always the right option for shooting a corporate video but the obvious question that pops up “ Is it appropriate to film outside your premises?”  It is always worth giving a second thought. Filming the video at your normal workplace is much better an idea as it poses to be real and not scripted.


The perfect video setup requires the perfect three-point lighting in the room. If you don’t understand the concept of a Key light, fill light or a backlight, then chances are you are not a knowledgeable videographer or even a photographer. Focussing on the subject and taking a clear picture or a video is not what makes you a professional videographer. Using the right light and lighting setup is what is required to make an excellent corporate video.

  1. Use 3-point lighting

  2. Make full use of key light and backlight

  3. Don’t be too harsh with the lights.


All that lies in filming a good quality video is using a high-end resolution camera with a microphone. If you are aiming for a well-positioned shot adhere to the rule of thirds and set the composition likewise. A good camera angle with a perfectly set up lighting conditions will fetch you a perfect shot. Once you are confident about your primary shot and have your hands well set up on the camera, it will be easier for you to find your secondary shot. Also, make sure your subject is comfortable in front of the camera when you are filming him/her. For, e.g., In case you are taking an interview with the boss of the company it is important to make him comfortable and confident in front the camera.


Editing a video requires an equal amount of time and energy as what is required in filming a corporate video. As a professional videographer, you need to have an eye for a good editor in your studio. A good editor can make your video look even better than you shot it. A perfect mix and match of audio and video will help you get the desired end result.



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