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What are the benefits of getting an ISO certification?

If you are thinking about the benefits of ISO certification, this article is definitely worth your time. In this article, we will discuss what are ISO standards, what are ISO certificates and the most common benefits of acquiring a certificate.

What is ISO standard

ISO standards were created to answer the fundamental question, “what is the best way of conducting business processes?“ Over the past five decades, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed into a family of standards which cover a wide variety of industries, spanning from the shoes that we wear, to the Wi-Fi networks which invisibly connects us with each other. 

ISO standards provides consumers with the confidence that their products are reliable, safe and of good quality. Governments and regulators depend upon ISO standards to develop better regulation, knowing that the standards were developed with the involvement of industry leaders and globally appreciated experts. 

Essentially, ISO standards contain a set of recommendations that organisations can use as a guide to build an auditable management system.

What is ISO certificate? 

Whenever an organisation implements these set of recommendations and creates management systems, their processes become compliant to the requirements of the chosen standard. Each ISO standard focuses on a specific realm of improvement. 

Some common examples are ISO 14001 that helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint, ISO 45001 that aims to make all workplaces safer and incident free, and ISO 9001 that addresses all customer requirements by improving the quality of goods or services. 

ISO rules and standards are almost the same in all countries. However, there may be differences in implementation. As a result, it is better to get help from ISO expert consultants in each country. For example, if you live in Australia, we recommend using the services of ISO consultants in Australia such as ISO Council.

ISO certificate implementation

Implementation of the recommendations essentially means that the business owner, themselves or with the help of an ISO consultant, ensures that every clause is appropriately applicable to their organisation. 

The management system that is created as a direct consequence of implementing the clauses is observed, improved, evaluated and rectified, so that they are no discrepancies between the recommendations and actual practises. If the organisation clears an external certification audit, they are granted a certificate. 

Each of the ISO standards such as ISO 9001 has specific rules and requirements. In such a situation, getting help from ISO 9001 consultant and other ISO certification experts is very important and can guarantee your success in obtaining certification.

Benefits of ISO certificate

Reading the above paragraphs, you must have understood that getting the certificate is not simply a bureaucratic procedure. It requires actual time and effort. Moreover, certification bodies are stringent and cautious of who is granted a certificate. 

If any organisation that is inconsistent with their internal audits and reviews get an ISO certificate, it damages the reputation of the certification body. So, very few organisations actually achieve ISO certification. It is this exclusiveness that makes the certificate more lucrative and valuable. Let us now discuss the benefits of ISO certificate:

International acknowledgement and recognition

 Like we have mentioned above, ISO standards were created utilising expert advice from industry leaders across the globe. As a result, it is extremely valuable in the eyes of different regulators and government bodies. 

When any organisation achieves certification in any realm, the recognition of ISO is passed on to the organisation. Competitors, customers, stakeholders, public tender contractors and your peers will acknowledge the effort that you have put in to achieve this prestigious certificate.

Happier staff

 Even if you get ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 or any other standard, the requirements will ask you to reassess how your processes are operating. It will ask you to remove all redundancies, clarify any misconceptions about roles, responsibilities or task descriptions and provide managerial support wherever needed. 

Additionally, the requirements will also ask you to provide your staff with additional training, so that they are able to interact with your management system in a better manner. Moreover, the requirements will also ask you to take regular inputs from employees across your organisations and incorporate their feedback into further modifying as well as improving your processes. 

Hence, as a direct consequence of smoother workflows, better managerial support and employee engagement, your staff becomes happier.

Bigger profits

This is the biggest reason why organisations undergo the gruelling auditing process. ISO certificates help organisations identify the needs of the customers, produce better products or services and apply for various tenders, leading to bigger profits and larger cost savings.

Lesser disruptions

If any issue interrupts your business processes, the ISO standards will help you place systems that will allow you to easily trace and fix the root cause, so that such issues never show up again. This helps to minimise disruptions in the organisation.

More customers

As you will incorporate industry specific international best practises into your operations, you will be able to deliver products and services that suit the needs of your customers.

Future growth: If you wish to expand your business and incorporate different certifications into your organisation so that your reputation is further enhanced, it will be easy because all the ISO standards share the same foundational basis. As the technical base of each ISO standard is similar, incorporation of new standards into your organisation will be easy.

Take advantage of ISO certification!

Regardless of the standard that you choose to implement in your organisation, you can enjoy benefits such as international acknowledgement and recognition, happier staff, bigger profits, lesser disruptions, more customers and consistency in your future growth. It goes without saying that if you implement ISO 9001, the quality of your products and services will improve, ISO 14001 will improve your environmental performance, and ISO 45001 will make your workplace safer. To use the benefits of ISO certification, we suggest you register your consultation request on The ISOCouncil website.


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