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Stubby Cooler: The Most Effective Aussie Promo Gift Ever

Are you the type of Aussie who likes to wait until the weather gets warmer and then immediately head to the beach, or go to the patio and enjoy a cool drink? Then you know the value of the one thing that goes with both these spaces is a stubby cooler. 

Stubby coolers, sometimes called stubby holders, koozies and cool cans are uniquely Australian items that can be used by smart companies to tap into the local Aussie market with free personalised stubby coolers as promotional gifts. 

Although stubby holders were made in the US around the 1980s, they became popular in Australia due to the summer heat, soon being adopted as a part of the true blue Aussie culture. Eventually, neoprene stubby holders came to be the norm, and now they’re a trusted favourite. 

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The Reasons Aussies Love Stubby Cooler

But if you’re thinking of what to use for promotion, and you aren’t sold on a Stubby Cooler, these are the top reasons why Aussies love this summer staple. 

Functional & Affordable

Stubby coolers are an investment that Aussies make already. They feature a straightforward, sleek design that keeps beverages of all kinds at optimal temperature for longer, with no ice box needed. They keep the drinker’s hands warm, often are made with a nice summery print, are slim and easy to hold and are infinitely useful for years to come. If you want your promotional gifts to actually be used, a stubby cooler is a good bet. 

Wide Variety of Options

The thing that really makes a stubby cooler so easy to turn into a promotional gift is the fact that it comes in so many types, sizes, materials and more. The freedom to create a great stubby holder with an incredible design has made it a staple at convention centres, in gift bags and more. The best bet is to make whatever design suits your brand and the use of the stubby cooler, remember they’re more often used in summer in Australia and should have a vibe to suit! 

They’re An Aussie Staple

If you’ve taken a closer look at the Aussie lifestyle, you’ll see that stubby coolers are a day-to-day item. Year-round, but mostly in the warmer months you can find it on the beach, at picnics, on desks, at backyard parties, at a friend's house and more. No matter where Aussies prefer to use it, a stubby cooler is bound to be used,  passed around and loved. 

One Last Thing

Now that you know how valuable stubby coolers are to Aussies, all you have to do is call the experts at your local promotional company and get started with a great design. 


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