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Ways To Supplement The Family Income

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Second Jobs Are Becoming The Norm

Unfortunately, most of us do not have a fairy godmother that can magically improve our financial situation, we have to do that ourselves. Last year over 760,000 Australians had second jobs to supplement their primary income, and it is continuing to rise, as it becomes a necessity rather than a choice. Aussies are nothing if not resilient, and the entrepreneurial spirit is indeed embedded in our genes! Think about it; how many of your mates have driven for Uber, sell online or make and bake for market selling? Maybe it’s time to stop dreaming about what you can do and start making decisions and taking some actions.

So, What Can You Do?

Thinking about starting your own business? Stop thinking and start doing

That’s not suggesting you go all out to sink or swim, but if you have been considering something new, now is maybe the time to try it out. Starting a business part-time can provide some much needed extra income, but it can also give you a taste of what running a business full-time is all about. Experience the highs and lows without the risk involved of committing you and your family’s future to an unknown venture.

Alternative Options

  • *  Resell online - buy from thrift shops or car boot sales and market them online
  • *  Tutoring - kids or students. If you have a skill - teach it!
  • *  Dog walking - a great way to earn income and keep fit
  • *  Take surveys and watch ads - it can be done anywhere
  • *  Stock market or Forex Trading - can provide a steady income if you do it properly
  • *  Freelance writing & editing or Podcast/video editing
  • *  Provide respite care - most people looking after disabled family members would love a few hours to themselves
  • Amazon’s MTurk - you choose what and when you work

The list goes on, so keep an open mind and even think outside the box. However, remember these are not ‘get rich quick’ solutions, but ideas to supplement your income on a regular basis. Some will require considerable time and input before you even begin to earn, for example, currency trading. You need to commit to researching, learning and refining your knowledge and skills if you hope to make your second income sustainable. A few tips to remember:

  • *  Research what you are about to do - in your own time
  • *  Don’t annoy your primary boss by exhausting yourself with your second job
  • *  Your second job needs to align with the family and work commitments you already have
  • *  Do not let earning a second income detract from your life goals and family time
  • *  Involve family in all decisions
  • *  Use your time well - if you don’t have time management skills - learn them!


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