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Let’s Make URLs Less Messy with URL Shortener

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If you haven’t heard about URL shortening yet, let me introduce you to the concept. URL shortening, compressing, shrinking (whatever you may like to call it) is a process through which long links are transformed into shorter ones. These links direct you to the required site. You might have come across some very lengthy and absurd looking URLs on the internet. Managing such links can be a hard job. A URL Shortener makes its management all the more convenient. It’s so easy to use; you don’t have to be a professional to perform the task. A URL shortener will take care of even the longest links possible.

Make Wordy URLs Short and Precise

Some links are too extensive just for the sake of enhancing search engine optimization. Sharing such links can be an ordeal. A URL shortening tool will help you convert lengthy URLs from popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. into shorter ones. It also gives you the option to add keywords that would describe your link, so you are not deprived of SEO benefits. What you have to do is paste the URL in the given box, and in just a single click, you will get the shorter link in the blink of an eye. You can now copy the link and share it wherever you want without a hitch.

Make Hyperlinks Aesthetically Pleasing

Let’s be honest; shorter hyperlinks are more pleasing and a lesser burden to the eyes, unlike longer ones that are a random bunch of signs, digits, and alphabets. Also, shorter links occupy lesser space and so seem less of a mess. However, this tool has much more to offer than the mere beautification of links.

Copy and Post Links without a Hitch

You might have gone through this that you liked a video so much and wanted to share it with your friends, but then the mere sight of the long link prevented you from your purpose. If you run an online business, you might have introduced impressive products into the market, but one of the things that might keep your customers from growing can be the hassle involved in sharing long and intimidating URLs of your content. Shorter links not only make online reading smoother, but they also help your viewers and customers copy and share your links easily without missing out any of their parts. So doubtlessly, it’s a great way to promote sharing.

Keep Track of URL Hits

With a URL shortener, you can not only paste your links on blogs, sites, emails, advertisements, and other platforms; you can also keep a record of how many hits were received by your URL.

Target Your Audience, Let Your Brand Grow!

You can keep track of who, when, and where was your link clicked. It also gives your insight into customers’ interests so that you can make smarter and more productive decisions regarding when and where to post your content. In this way, you can enhance your brand recognition. The more your brand grows, the more customers trust it, and the cycle goes on.

Compatible with All the Devices

The tool can be operated conveniently on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. So you can do the job on any available device. You don’t need to go anywhere to get this thing done. Just open up your laptop or switch on your phone and go to the URL shortening site and see how the work gets done within a few seconds.

It’s Free to Use

Above all, you can easily find a website that offer free tools. It does not require you to register or pay. Closing dates of free trial periods can also be very stressful. Many at times, they also prevent you from getting your whole work done on time. A free URL shortener is all you can ask for to get your links trimmed without having to pay for the service. You just need a perfectly working device and a stable internet connection to get the job done.

Till now, you must have been convinced that a URL shortener is not just about beautifying the otherwise ugly looking links. It serves much more than this superficial purpose. So if you are a person who requires much sharing of URLs during a day, you are missing out on this wonderful tool.


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