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Set And Forget - 4 Investment Strategies That Will Earn You Money With Minimal Effort

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Passive income is one of the most hyped terms of the 21st century. However, the “passive” part of the name can be misleading, making it sound like you can unlock some secret level in the game of life that turns you into a money magnet. 

In reality, passive income requires a lot of work, and often a significant financial investment, in the early stages. Whether you're in Germany learning about the investieren sie in amazon 250 euro fake (invest in amazon 250 euro fake) options, or in the US playing Wall Street, you need a decent bit of capital to put up front. Once you’ve built a solid foundation, they gradually begin to take care of themselves, allowing you to kick back and reap the rewards. If the payoff sounds like something you’re willing to work for, here are your four best passive investment options:

1. Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can deliver huge returns, but managing your properties can be a massive time sink. Hire a commercial property management company to take care of all the details for you, and this style of real estate investment can keep the money rolling in without you having to lift a finger. Of course, the corollary of this is that you need to have a substantial amount of capital to invest upfront. 

2. Dividend Stocks

The stock market offers an investment option for every personality. If you’re an active investor who gets a thrill out of risk-taking, then day trading will give you the kicks you crave. For those who want a stress-free investment that will drift into a passive income stream, dividend stocks are the best option. 

It’s essential that you inform all your stock choices with research if you want to ensure a reliable flow of dividend payments. The other essential factor is consistently adding to your investment. Over time, your dividend stocks will snowball in the best possible way, bringing you an ever-increasing income requiring minimal ongoing effort.

3. Create a Course or an Ebook

If you’re an expert in your field, you can leverage your skills outside of work by creating an online course or ebook. If you have a basic camera, the only upfront investments this will take are time and effort. There are plenty of platforms designed to walk you through the steps required, with Amazon being the most popular ebook publisher and Udemy and Skillshare ranking among the most-used course creation platforms. 

You don’t need to be well-known to achieve a passive income this way. You’d be surprised at what people are willing to pay for. If you know how to knit, crochet, speak another language, program, write, or play an instrument, there’s a demand for your knowledge out there. If you make your content engaging enough, you could probably even sell a course that teaches people how to do hacky sack tricks!  

4. Robo-investing

If you want to take the confusion out of the stock market and turn it into a passive income stream, robo-investing may be the path for you. Signing up with a robo-advisor is as easy as answering a set of questions to determine your risk personality and investment style, then setting up an account, and allowing the system to take charge from there. Robo-advisors use algorithms to create a diversified portfolio you’ll be comfortable with, and they’re designed to provide the best possible yields.

This AI-driven approach cuts out the need for research and agonizing over which stocks to invest in. All you have to do is answer the questions honestly and trust the algorithms to work their magic. 

As you find success with these methods, you’ll free up more funds to funnel back into your passive investments, allowing them to grow beyond what you ever could’ve imagined. 


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