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Guidelines For Creating Your First YouTube Video

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Expanding your business is essential, especially for SMB owners. Sure, there are a lot of ideas juggling in your mind, but you have to think about reaching your target audience effectively. Try promoting your products or services on social media and watch the response. Do not be limited to Facebook and Twitter, though. Remember that YouTube grabs more eyeballs than you can ever imagine. Recent Statistics reveal an astounding figure of 800 million people all over the globe, accessing this innovative medium that provokes interest, laughter, and tears. Moreover, it is sure to kindle your imagination like never before. So, go ahead and get started on your first project by creating an excellent YouTube video that will help your business reach dizzying heights of success. 


Competitor Quality- You need to stay a step ahead of your competitors in business. Begin researching in earnest by checking out the content of their videos and find out how effective each is, as a digital marketing strategy. Feel free to take inspiration from the videos, but imitating them blindly is a strict no-no. Instead, learn more about themes that seem to work and note patterns that will enable you to create specific groups so that you can form playlists on your YouTube channel. 

SEO- Finding a list of keywords to use can be a marvelous strategy to popularize your videos on YouTube. You can always start by hunting for appropriate terms about your products/services and identify ones that have been used in videos enjoying numerous views. Finding some of your competitors use the same keywords will help you to be on the right track as well. You are welcome to use an online tool for identifying the right keywords and enjoy high rankings on Google and other popular search engines. 

Genre- Be sure to create the right mood for your videos. You are welcome to unleash your imagination and come up with the idea that keeps your target audience hooked. You know what your brand is all about. So go on and create informative videos or take a funny twist so that you have the viewers laughing even as they remember the brand. Make sure that the lighting, sound effects, and surroundings reflect the mood that you are trying to create. That is half the battle won if you manage to do it correctly. 

Location- No! You do not have to visit an exotic site for filming the first YouTube video. Just look around the camera in hand and spot the best possible location. It could well be your room or your neighbor’s garden. Do remember to seek permission if you are keen to shoot in a public place. 


Camera- You do not need hundreds of the latest equipment when you are just starting. It is going to be alright if you choose to use a high-end smartphone too. You may also opt for an affordable tripod and place your phone on it to shoot from the right angle.

Editing Software- You are not going to be a whiz at editing if this happens to be your first video. You may hire a seasoned videographer for your project, but the best way to keep the costs down would be to use effective video editing software and edit out the parts that do not add anything to the story. You could also add text overlays, special effects, and splice different sections to make it eye-catching. 

Intro & Outro

You would not want the audience to be bored stiff and go elsewhere. It is essential to grab attention within the first 5 seconds of running the video. Do it with ease with the help of a quality intro maker for YouTube so that the viewers remain interested and eager to see more. Likewise, the outro is of paramount importance as well, with the right one prompting viewers into action. Add a CTA so that they are compelled to like, share, or subscribe to your channel once they watch it in entirety. 

Uploading Videos

The process is incredibly simple. Here are the salient points that will have you pleasantly surprised -  

  • Create a YouTube channel for your brand or company
  • Customize it by uploading a profile image and a sentence or two to describe it. You may also use a key phrase for optimization
  • Upload the video by clicking on the icon

Providing Access

Sure, you are the creator of the video, as well as the channel. However, you would need to collaborate with a skilled team of marketing professionals to further your brand. Provide access to a select few so that uploading videos regularly does not become your responsibility. Have the second in command of your company edit and delete the videos as per the need. He/she must also be able to make changes by YouTube regulations that may be revised over time. 


Congratulations on having your YouTube video go live, but that is not the end of your tasks. You have to ensure that your target audience gets to view it and pass the word on. Here are a few strategies that work like a dream. Make sure to employ them for generating interest. 

  • Share the video on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms
  • Post the video on Company Website and write a blog on it to enhance its popularity
  • Reach out to the target audience via email marketing and keep them informed about the videos available on your YouTube channel

It is not the time to rest on your laurels now that you have been successful in creating and uploading a YouTube video. Keep adding more videos to your channel so that your audience base expands with time. You may also find a free movie maker tool for YouTube provided by InVideo. 


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