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Top 10 blackjack players that made a mark

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Blackjack is among the most popular casino games in the world. Blackjack in New Zealand casinos is played on a regular basis and after pokies and poker is considered as the third most popular casino game. No wonder the game has produced so many celebrated players. You can hardly find a physical or an online casino that doesn’t have a blackjack game in their collection. 

You are about to read a bio of a few individuals that made remarkable achievements playing a blackjack game. Most of them developed new winning techniques while other enhanced existing tricks. 

Let's see how they became so famous for playing a blackjack game.

  1. Ken Uston

Ken is an excellent blackjack player that took advantage of card counting tricks. He mastered the art of counting cards and made huge profits from. At some point, he was banned from playing in most casinos. Ken devised means of entering the casinos. He had to disguise himself to enter the casinos. However, he challenged the ban and won. He passed away in 1987 and was aged 52.

  1. Cathy Hulbert

Cathy started playing card games at an early stage in her life. To fund her college tuition fees, she had to fall back to playing cards to get money. Cathy was quite successful and won huge prizes. When she finished college, Cathy got a job but quit after a few years. She went back to blackjack and poker. Cathy remained a successful blackjack player until her last days on earth.

  1. Steve Forte

Steve was so good that he had a book published in his name. The book is called “Read the Dealer”. The book contains various techniques and tricks a player can use to win at the casinos. However, the casinos may also have a copy; therefore watering down the efficiency of the tricks therein. Nonetheless, he was a renowned blackjack player.

  1. Alice Walker

Alice Walker in 2007 made history and the first female to win the World Series of blackjack in 2007. She started playing blackjack when she was just three years old. Walker has won various poker tournaments across the world.

  1. Erica Schoenberg

This is another female that achieved giant strides playing blackjack. Although Erica did not win a major tournament, she participated in the World Series of Blackjack on several occasions. She was once a model but Erica made most of her money playing blackjack. To improve her playing abilities, Erica enrolled at the MIT Blackjack Team.

  1. Jimmy Pine

Jimmy was a notorious card counter. He was so popular that most casinos asked their security not to let him gain access into their venues. Some experts have rated Jimmy as the best as far as card counting is concerned. Although card counting is not illegal, casinos often frown at it.  

  1. Eleanore Dumont

Some say she is the first female professional gambler. Eleanore was born in France but later moved to the United States. She got so much money playing blackjack. Eleanore passed on in 1879. She played various variations and it was almost impossible not to win.

  1. Brian Zembic

Brian is one of the best professional gamblers of all time. He won at various casinos playing blackjack. Brian was also a magician and notable for placing bets and winning almost all the time. He placed bets on almost anything. Sometime in 1996, he placed a bet with a follow that he would get a breast implant. He ended up winning $100,000.

  1. Joanna Wlodawer

Joanna is a maths genius that used her talent to win a lot of money playing blackjack. She is also a notable card counter. Joanna was one of the finalists at the first Ultimate Blackjack Tour. She is called the “Queen of Spades”.

  1. Edward Thorp

Thorp is a professor of mathematics. He specialized in the field of probability. This gave him an advantage and so his predictions were almost always correct.


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