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Six reasons why sunglasses are more than a fashion

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An accessory item which occupies half of your budget is those sunglasses that you just bought. Ever wondered why? They first became trendy when some of your favorite celebrities were caught showing them off at that red carpet or even indoors at an award show. Everyone has their view about sunglasses, some wear them to look cool, and some don them on for a brighter sunny day at the beach. There are also those group of people who wear them for their social gatherings because they think that it’s a polite way to avoid awkwardness. 1001optical sunglasses online offers high quality and branded sunglasses for all ages.

They were first invented in the 1913’s by a British chemist though Chinese judges wore smokey quartz lenses in the form of sunglasses. Did you know that the snow goggles we use were also used as a form of sunglasses? Little do we know that sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory and to prove our point clearer to you we have listed down six reasons which will help you get a better understanding of how sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement.

  1. Protection from UV rays:

UV rays known as ultraviolet rays come from the sun directly. Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, and they are directly exposed to all kinds of ailments be it dust, rays, heat or any such other elements. Whereas wearing sunglasses for your outdoor activities can protect your eyes. A lot of people use polarized lenses as well that help you block out the glare. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, and 10% of the cancer of skin has been diagnosed near the eye area. Almost 85% of the Americans who buy sunglasses check if they have a UV rating or not.

  1. Reduction in Brightness:

Ever caught yourself shrinking your eyes like a Japanese samurai because the light of the sun is too bright for your eyes? That’s when you need sunglasses for a rescue. They will not only improve your vision but also help you drive better and avoid accidental situations. Bright lights might trigger a headache or a migraine among people who already are suffering from it; sunglasses will help in the reduction of any such fatigue. You will be more relaxed but to add on that note, never wear them while driving during the night as it might block your vision.

  1. Recovery Purposes:

People wear sunglasses after they get their eye laser done or you might have seen some wearing them even if they have an infection, that is because it protects well. Doctors recommend using darker shades after any eye treatment to protect them from any further damages. While your eyes are healing, they are sensitive to immediate exposure to light /rays and such elements might increase in the risk of blindness.

  1. Restore eyes Moisture:

Our mobile and tv screens that we give our maximum time too are the major causes of eye issues. People who have screen sensitive jobs such as graphic designers or media persons suffer from dry eyes issue. We all are familiar with the rule of thumb, which is to look away from your screen every 20mins later, and this is also known as the 20-20-20 rule by the eye specialists. Wrap-around sunglasses have been made which work as a shield to keep the moisture of your eyes restored, and they also come with removable eyecups.

  1. Infection Shield:

Air has a lot of impurities which we breathe in and of course with which our eyes come in direct contact as well, for example, germs, dust, bacteria and other viral eye infections. Shades protect you from irritation and damage of the eyes that might come handy with your outdoor activities. You know the fun part; sunglasses have an option through which you can get a polarized lens installed in your frame as well, which make the outdoor picture clearer and sharper as well. People who are swimmers and more of their time are spent underwater, which has chlorine added to it. They can use glared goggles underwater, which will help protect your eyes from chemical and irritation that might be caused later.

6: They are fun:

Sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. Every big brand now has a huge range of sunglasses which has a variety of colors and designs to choose. You can have the cat eyeglasses for your summer brunches or have aviators for a beachy day, the companies have made sure that whatever their customer is doing? Should always be done in style. Personalized glasses are also a thing lately as you can get your selected lens invested in them and get the kind of vision you want.


You don’t have to find a reason to wear sunglasses since winter is around the corner and in full swing, you can up your sunglasses game even then. Sunglasses can be worn even on cloudy days as the UV-rays can peak through the clouds as well. Whenever you are shopping for sunglasses, make sure that you read the warning tags, light transmission levels and most importantly check if they are UV protected or not as some companies promise all this but fail to deliver. Always keep a pair of sunglasses handy in your bag even if you are indoors or outdoors because taking care of your eye health is a worthwhile investment.

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