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Tips For Planning A Great Catered Event

You need to plan a catered event, but have never thought about what that entails until now! The one thing you do know is it's very important that everything goes perfectly without a hitch, and that the event is a big success! So, where to begin? We have some ideas for you, so hang in there!

First, think about what your event is really about, and what you hope to achieve by holding it. Who is coming? What might they be expecting? Once you have the basic idea sorted, it's time to talk to your caterer. Do you just need food and paper plates for an informal event, or do you need the full-on services of glassware hire in Perth who will arrange for all the plating, cutlery, and table settings for you so you don't need to lift a finger?

This is also a good time for you to set a budget. There are many factors that affect the cost of a catered event, such as the kind of food and drinks that will be served, the cost of hiring and decorating the venue, and the number of guests. Beware of hidden costs such as taxes and delivery charges, they can add up fast! The two major expenses are going to be:

Food and Drink - Start with the appetisers and end with dessert, plus the kind of drinks you intend to serve. You also need to consider any tips that may be involved and check with your caterer for their gratuity policy. Click here to find out about senior communities in Australia.

Venue Hiring – What is included in the price? Do you have to pay extra for furnishings such as tables and chairs? Music and audio? What about any extra, or special lighting needs, like a spotlight for any speakers or presenters? You need to have a clear and detailed idea of what to expect.

When planning your special catered event, it’s important to remember that the menu is just as important as the venue and guest list. Here are some tips for picking the right food:

The next important choice you must make is deciding on the menu. The menu needs to fit your budget, and that needs to be big enough so you don't appear to be cheap or chintzy, people expect a bit of high class from catered events, so plan accordingly! A wedding reception is probably going to require a different menu than a corporate dinner, your caterer is there to advise you on this, they know the game so listen to them!

Now for a few thoughts on the venue:

Sometimes an old-fashioned, high-quality, posh ballroom style is best, especially for suit-and-tie-type events, but even then, a unique, interesting venue can make a big impression. Consider the public aquarium, a museum, or a historical building full of atmosphere, there are so many possibilities available! A tent pavilion on a scenic beach, or a penthouse with sweeping views of the city, use your imagination to make your event absolutely unforgettable!

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