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Training the mind: why is it important to train the mind?

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Mind Training or Brain Training is a leading program in the field of training the mind and cognitive testing, validated scientifically to simulate human cognitive abilities. Regular exercise of the Brain training exercises for training the mind and thinking allows you to strengthen the synaptic connections of various areas of the brain that are responsible for various cognitive functions. In the absence of stimulation, these neural connections are weakened, so it is important to properly train them using brain training. If you want to develop your thoughts about life, you can consider mindset coaching.

Weakened neural connections can lead to impairment of our cognitive abilities, such as attention, perception, memory, executive functions, or coordination. Training your mind with a leader program like Brain training, scientifically validated and tailored to our needs, is very helpful. In particular, it can help:

Improve academic performance and productivity.

Increase cognitive reserve and slow down the age-related decline in our cognitive abilities.

Modify the structure of brain compounds due to neuroplasticity in order to optimize our basic cognitive abilities, i.e. productivity.

Re-train, restore or compensate for functions affected by brain damage.

To reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of people suffering from various disorders and diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, depression, insomnia, dyslexia, ADHD...

A good state of cognitive ability allows you to optimize everyday performance and, thus, improve the quality of life. Consequently, appropriate cognitive training helps to improve our effectiveness.

Not all mind training is the same

Not all mind training programs are the same, and Brain training has the highest degree of empirical evidence of its effectiveness. A new study published by the Neuropsychology Review analyzes the characteristics of various mind training programs. When studying empirical evidence of the effectiveness of these programs, it was concluded that Brain training has the highest degree of empirical evidence of its effectiveness. In addition, it was noted that the progress achieved through Brain training has a positive effect on the lives of the study participants.

Therefore, when we decide to train our mind, we should not think that all exercises for training the mind are the same. You need to look for programs whose benefits and effectiveness have been scientifically proven, such as those offered by Brain training (“Brain training”). Despite the fact that it may seem that playing on a computer or solving any online crossword puzzle will be enough to maintain a sharp mind, scientific studies show that this is not so. In order to maximize the benefits and benefits of training the mind, it is important that brain training is personalized and appropriate to our abilities and needs. Mental training, which disappoints us because it is too difficult or vice versa, is very simple and therefore does not contribute to brain stimulation, is ineffective.


Developed imaginative thinking is one of the necessary requirements of creative professions, including graphic designers and copywriters. The phrase “draw something beautiful here”, familiar to many, should not be baffled but made to work creatively. Improving imaginative thinking also involves analytical abilities, which helps to activate the work of both cerebral hemispheres. Exercises for the development of imaginative thinking are suitable not only for creators but also for any other person who wants to have a sharp mind and a broad outlook.

Creative thinking is often a good helper in everyday life. This ability helps:

1. Easier to solve problems.

This is not because creative individuals have a deeper understanding of the problem, but since they can approach the problem from another perspective, it is not standard.

2. Soothe nerves.

This is a kind of mental defense mechanism. Its essence is that in the imagination, a comical, exaggerated and even absurd image of a person or a situation is drawn. An example is a well-known psychological technique to imagine a person who is angry with you a hamster or other animals.

3. Visualize.

The clearer the image in the imagination (to the smallest detail), the easier it will then be possible to realize the idea.

Visual thinking exercises

Consider some interesting exercises for developing imaginative thinking. They should be performed calmly, without limiting themselves in time, without competition and criticism from the outside. As a result, not only the number of answers is estimated, but also their originality.


Here, for the development of thought, some kind of figure is proposed: blots, spots and other abstractions, on the basis of which an image is invented. An example is the famous Rorschach test (looking at a blotch picture to say that it reminds you), which is often used by psychologists to determine the personality traits of an individual.

Figurative expression

Exercise is a visual image (drawing, sketch) of a phrase. Often from such a task, excellent advertising slogans, logos, and very popular demotivators on the network were obtained.

The essence of the exercise is to compose a chain of logically (or not so) related objects or their parts. Synonyms can follow only from the first option, from the previous one or randomly.

There are many more good exercises for developing imaginative thinking and imagination. This can be done to solve any work tasks: in creativity, design or visual art (the same booklets, magazines), and just for yourself, freeing the flight of thought from every day worries.

Benefits of Mind Coaching

Without a doubt, Mind Coaching has gained a lot of strength in these times. It is increasingly common to listen to an acquaintance who is working with a Coach, and however, although he is better known, many people still do not know what benefits he can get from Mind Coaching.

10 Benefits of Mind Coaching

Let’s see the top 10 benefits that Mind Coaching offers.

1. Have support. Being in a Mind Coaching process, you have the support or rather with the accompaniment of your Coach, who will be with you to listen to you and support you to overcome the challenges you have to reach your goals.

2. Define goals. Many times, we don’t achieve our goals simply because we don’t have them well defined or in other words, we don’t clarify our goals well. In Mind Coaching, you will have the support of your Coach to clarify what you want to achieve.

3. Identify and change mental limits. Our metal boundaries or beliefs are what determine what we can or cannot do. In the Mind Coaching process, you can realize that you limit goals that you have and do not allow you to reach your goals, so you can change them.

4. Clarify ideas. Surely it has happened to you that when you are looking for a goal, you have a lot of enthusiasm and therefore many ideas, but although you have many ideas, you do not know where to start. In a Mind Coaching process, you will receive the support to put your ideas in order, evaluating each one of them and putting yourself into action.

5. Focus. This is one of the main benefits of Mind Coaching, it keeps you focused on your goal, so you will be able to reach it faster and above all, avoid abandoning it.

6. Become aware. The essence of Mind Coaching is awareness, and this means realizing the resources you have and how you are taking advantage of them to achieve your goals. It also means realizing the habits that move you away from your goal to design strategies to change it.

7. Get feedback. In a Mind Coaching process, you will receive feedback to improve, correct or reinforce what you are doing to reach your goal.

8. Empowerment. When you enter a Coaching process, you start to take control of your life, increasing your personal power by deciding what is best for you.

9. Self-awareness. Mind Coaching is a reflective action process in which you realize who you are and the changes you need to make to reach your goals.

10. Personal growth. Taking into account all the previous points, we can say that the main benefit that Mind Coaching has is the personal growth to overcome challenges, fears and change habits that are reflected in your person.


The great acceptance that Mind Coaching and brain training has is due to the benefits it provides and means a great opportunity to venture into this profession. In Motion Human Development, you can get ready to practice as a Mind Coach through our Certification in Ontological Coaching.

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