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Great Furniture and Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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When you live in an apartment or condo, space is one of the issues that you have to deal with; oftentimes, residents are forced to choose between form and function when picking out furniture and storage. The good news is that there are actually a lot of things that you can do to completely furnish your unit without sacrificing comfort. Think about using these ideas for space-saving furniture and storage:

In the living room

  1. Coffee table and ottomans are not just for sitting on and holding flower vases; many designs incorporate storage to keep the living room clutter-free.

  2. A sofa bed is great for accommodating overnight guests without setting up a cot or laying down sleeping bags.

  3. Tables and cabinets on wheels can be easily pushed out of the room if you need more space.

In the bathroom

  1. You don’t have to put in an extra closet inside the bathroom to hold your essentials. Over-the-toilet bathroom shelves allow you to maximize the blank space above the toilet’s tank.

  2. Instead of having a standing towel rack, install hooks and bars behind the door or on one wall.

In the kitchen

  1. Keep your counter clear with these nifty techniques:

    • Make use of the underside of the cabinets above it. Attach hooks for cooking utensils and mugs.

    • Affix shelves on empty walls for recipe books, jars, bowls and other kitchen items.

    • Instead of keeping pots and pans in a cabinet under the sink, pick a wall where you can attach a rack to hang them up on. You can then use the freed-up cabinet space for things like cleaning supplies.

    • If you normally eat in the kitchen, choose foldable chairs so you can put them away when you’re done eating.

In the bedroom

  1. Instead of buying a low and wide bureau, choose a tall and slim dresser that has a lot of compartments.

  2. In a limited space, even single beds can take up a lot of space. Consider these alternatives:

    • A Murphy bed, which folds up into the wall when not in use.

    • A loft bed, which combines a bed at the top bunk and a small office space underneath.

Don’t let space issues keep you from enhancing your condo or apartment. As long as you plan your storage set-up and furniture choices, there’s no reason for you not to have a unit that’s as roomy as it is tasteful.

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