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5 Reasons You Should Choose Physical Bullion Over Gold ETFs

If you are thinking of selling that company stock and putting your wealth into gold, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as many investors react to market volatility caused by the pandemic. Gold has performed well since 2018 and the experts are predicting a surge in the first 2 quarters of 2022 and if your plan involves gold bullion acquisition, here are a few reasons to insist on physical possession.

  1. Take Control Of Your Wealth - If your gold bullion is safely locked away in a bank vault, then you have complete control. You can buy or sell at any time, and can access the gold during normal business opening hours. If you have your gold in ETF form, what happens if the trader goes into administration? There are many things that could happen to affect your commodity, which is why you should always take physical possession of the gold you buy.

  1. Gold Jewellery - Many investors prefer to wear their wealth on special occasions and fine gold jewellery appreciates just like bullion. There is a great deal of pleasure when you are wearing expensive jewellery and some investors have a portion of their gold in the form of jewellery for this very reason.

  1. Collecting Gold Coins - Why not merge wealth acquisition with collecting? While for years it has been popular to buy gold bars Brisbane dealers have, gold coins are also good options and they’re easier to transport and store. Indeed, for some investors, their passion is their growing collection of gold coins. Start with the most well-known coins such as the American Buffalo, the American Gold Eagle and the Britannia, then move on to the South African Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf. These are typically 91.7% pure gold by weight, with the rest being silver and copper. Of course, there are many different gold coins that have been minted around the world and you could move into the rare gold coin market.

  1. Peace Of Mind - Are you really going to sleep well knowing that your wealth is stored in some unknown location and all you have is a piece of paper to show ownership? Some people prefer to actually take physical possession of such a valuable commodity, which is very easy to store securely.

  1. Minimise Risk - This should be the goal of every investor, to eliminate or at least minimise risks regarding wealth. A small concealed safe is the ideal place to store gold bullion, or you could simply rent a safety deposit box at your bank. Avoid burying it in the garden, if something happened to you, the gold might remain hidden forever. A metal detector might reveal its whereabouts in a few hundred years, otherwise it stays in the ground, from whence it came!

Once you forge a relationship with a respected gold bullion dealer, you can always visit their offices when you wish to buy or sell gold. Invest in some felt gold pouches to ensure that bars do not touch, which can cause damage. Store them in a safe place.

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