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Tips to Brighten Your Home

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We all love bright and perfectly lit homes when we see them on the TV. However, usually, our homes do not look anything like that and tend to look duller and darker. It is because we miss some crucial décor tips and tricks that ensure a brightly lit house, such as the number of lamps you have, the number of windows, the color of home painting, etc.

A bright and cheerful house is essential to keep your mood happy and create a positive ambiance. In the following paragraphs, we list down a few tips on how to give your house a brighter appearance.

  • Paint the walls white:

White is a commonly used paint color when it comes to painting the house walls, while also being the only color that will make your house shine with brightness. The color white tends to reflect light rather than absorbing it. Thus, when rooms have walls painted white, space looks brighter and full of light.

Painting walls with dark bold colors may look fashionable, but it will make your room feel dingy. Dark colors tend to absorb light. Moreover, if you already have white painted walls, then getting them repainted may add some extra brightness to your house.

  • Add some extra lights; literally:

The finest and easiest way of adding some brightness into your home is to place in some additional lamps. You could add some hanging pendant bulbs that look ultra-chic and stylish while adding an extra layer of lighting to your rooms.

In addition, standing lamps are a fantastic way to add some aesthetically pleasing lighting in your living room. Adequate lighting plays a significant role when it comes to brightening up your house. If you do not wish to fill your room with extra lamps, place a painting on the wall and attach ceilings lamps throwing light on the canvas. It will increase the lighting in the room and will not look overdone.

  • Hang light-colored sheer curtains:

Natural light is the best way to illuminate your house. Placing some skimpy blinds on the windows or getting some wooden shutters will allow some sunlight to enter the house. Sunrays are also extremely beneficial for your health. It is one of the significant sources of vitamin D. Thus, it is helpful if you light up your house with shiny sunrays.

Sunny and lit up atmosphere also has a very positive effect on the mood. The fact that your home would have some sun showing in will also help kick away some of those workday blues.

  • Add some mirrors here and there:

Apart from viewing yourself, you can also utilize mirrors for another very beneficial purpose. Mirrors are also known to reflect light. If you are worried, your house looks dull and drab, then place some mirrors on the walls around the house. Placing mirrors will give the effect of some extra light even when there is none. It will help give your home a brighter, more cheerful outlook.

  • Get light-colored furniture:

Based on the same concept that we discussed above, dark objects tend to absorb light. Now, thinking from a logical point of view, why get dusky objects for your house when you are already in need of some extra sparkle? Therefore, the basic rule of interior design is to always décor your home with light-colored furniture when your objective is to make the place feel brighter and more lit up.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the windows:

One common mistake we often make when decorating our houses is to crowd the window place excessively. The windows are the central spot for natural light to enter. If you obscure the windows excessively, how do you expect your house to brighten? Move any tall lamps placed near the windows to some other spot. Also, make sure the windows do not have unnecessary adornments such as blinds or curtains. People habitually love placing high potted plants near the windows since it is the right spot to provide them some direct sunlight, but if it is at the expense of your house receiving adequate sun rays, the plants need to go away.

  • Declutter your house:

It might sound a little off because, hey, weren’t we talking about brightening up our house space. However, yes, this is crucial. An unclean, messy house will always give a dull and dingy appearance regardless of how much you light it up. A thin layer of dust all over your furniture and shelves will steal away their shine and gloss, making them look dull and boring. Moreover, an excessively cluttered house will always soak up more light instead of spreading the light everywhere across all the rooms. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your home clean and well maintained if you want it to look brighter and cheerier.

  • Add the right accessories:

Your house would not just look bright by adding some light. It may also look lively and cheerful by adding the right colored accessories. For the sake of brightening your house space, if you have planned to paint your house white, consider adding playful and colorful accessories with it. For example, adding some brightly colored photo frames on the divider to make a gallery wall will pop up space instantly. The bright colors will also give a happy, optimistic vibe to the area. Apart from that, adding a bold-colored furniture piece or some cushions on the couches in happy colors will make your house space seem bright and lively.

  • Add some gold accents:

The golden color is known to provide brightness to any space. You can also add some gold photo frames, décor pieces, or an antique side table with gold accents to give the room a brighter and lit up the ambiance.


With the right interiors and décor items, you can always make your home space feel a lot brighter and happier. You need to make some minute amends, add some color here and there, and before you know it, you have a perfectly colorful and cheerful house ready for you to adore!


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