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Tips to Help You Avoid Laundry Pile-Up and Be More Productive

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your laundry? You are not the only one! Unlike laundry enthusiasts who enjoy and take pride in each and every laundry batch they encounter, most people don’t enjoy laundry day. Each individual is busy in their way, and a piled-up weekly laundry batch makes our hectic schedule worse.

Good thing, there are laundry tips that help you avoid laundry pile-up and be more productive. Of course, if you are unable to find the time to feel productive with your cleaning, there are various cleaning services out there that can help you! And this is what this article is all about. Its objective is to be familiar with how to execute laundry hacks properly, use a washing machine with proper knowledge, and streamline your bad laundry habits.

Here are the tips to help you avoid laundry pile-up and be more productive:

Declutter your Clothes

The more garment you own, the longer you can go without having to wash them immediately.

Decluttering is essential because it is a good practice of self-care. Laundry-wise, it will result in an organized closet and wash basin leading to a productive laundry. Also, when you declutter, you can avoid a speedy pile-up of clothing.

Also, as an action step, quickly go through your closet to donate or sell anything that does not fit well, you got bored wearing, and duplicates.

Seek Help from Your Family Members

If you are the CEO of your household, you can directly enlist your spouse and kids to help you. For sure, you will come a long way and finish the weekly household batch in an instant. Not only you will save a lot of time, but you will also spend quality time with your fam which on-the-go parents cannot afford to do.

Also, you can let the rest of your family do the folding while you are busy ironing the newly laundered clothes. Do not solo the laundry chore when your fam can assist, even in simple ways.

However, if there’s no one to assist you, you can always hire a maid service. Maid service is a great help in tidying your house and washing your dirty laundry.

HE Washer and Detergent

HE stands for High Efficiency, and it is globally utilized in household appliances and laundry products. You might wonder how it differs from conventional ones and how does it help you to prevent piled-up clothes and be more productive. Let’s get started.

For HE washing machines, it has a bigger load capacity compared to conventional ones. If you are always on the go and your laundry batches are always piled up, then HE washing machine is perfect for you. HE washers are significantly more spacious than conventional ones because it is designed to launder bulkier loads. Also, it consumes less water and electricity, which is also an admirable feature. When buying a washing machine, always look for the HE sign usually located at the soap dispenser area.

For HE detergents, piling up lights and darks are not an issue anymore. It is proven and tested that HE detergents prevent clothes from bleeding. HE detergents are made for compatibility with HE washing machines. They are more effective in that way.

Treat Stained Clothes Immediately

Stains are annoying. The more time you ignore it, the more it sets in deeper into the fabric of your garments. Thus, you must treat stains immediately. Not only that, untreated stains develop the growth of bacteria at an exponential rate. 

If stains are untreated and unsorted, it hinders you from being more productive in your laundry. Why? Because there you can't clean your laundry batch properly because of the untreated stains of the clothing.

Weekly Laundry can be a Drag

If you do save your laundry for the weekend is no fun at all. It can be a real drag. A pro tip, do some of your laundries during the week so that you can have all the time you want. Doing laundry weekly has its advantages, but there’s this thing about Saturdays that you just want to do nothing. Untreated stains can also inflict permanent damage to the fabric and alter its meshing. Talk about real troublesome. There are better ways of getting really clean clothes. Try a laundry detergent sheet. They clean very well

If you are still energetic enough to do your laundry after your work shift, then do it! In that way, the four-hour weekly laundry schedule can be replaced with malling, binging, or anything that pleases you!

Sort Properly and Purchase a Laundry Basket

You probably know to sort your whites from colored ones. But that’s just the first step, and you must learn to sort further!

You must sort clothes according to their weight, dirt level, and fabric type. Yes, that’s how should it be done. Never mix a filthy item into a decent garment to be washed dumped in the washbasin or laundry basket. The dirty one will just spread its stain, and there will be an uneven cleaning. Also, never mix heavy garments with light ones. Heavy garments will just absorb all the laundry detergent, and the result will not be pleasant. Trust me. I learned it the hard way! Never skip the sorting of clothes.

Also, modern laundry tools and equipment such as a laundry sorting basket are a must-buy. It enables you to perform the sorting method stated above.

Hangers Over Laundry Dryers

If you think driers are that convenient, then you are probably thinking narrowly. Dryers, as handy as they are, do not get all the job done. Yes, you dried up your clothes faster, but as a result, every single item in your laundry batch seems to be crumpled.

Instead of relying on the drier all the time, you can actually sundry and hang your clothes. You can prevent bulk ironing which is also a tedious and time-consuming chore.

Final Thoughts

Handling your weekly laundry can be effortless if you manage to pile your clothes properly. You must continuously develop a habit of consistently placing the clothes in the right places. It will lead you to achieve your laundry goals with minimal effort.

It is really about the laundry knowledge and its technical know-how. Assuming that you somehow finish this article, you are now a certified laundry enthusiast extraordinaire, at least in theory. To solidify that claim, apply all you learned in your next laundry batch!

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