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INTJ vs. ENTJ: Which One Are You?

Psychology is a science that works on deciphering, analyzing, and understanding the intricate workings of the human brain, in conjunction with the external stimuli and the process the brain follows in processing the information via its sensory organs. Human nature or personality is the basis of how an individual mind functions routinely. 

The brain is an intensely enigmatic and profound entity, leading to multiple cognitive personality types. Carl Jung has tried to compromise the distinctly diverse analysis arrived at by Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler. By categorizing them under two broadly basic personality types: INTJ and ENTJ, Jung has encapsulated the basal inherent qualities of humans.


Both the personality types share a lot in common yet are distinctly different from each other in many aspects. Before we proceed further with understanding in detail both the types, we need to understand that classification is for understanding oneself better to live a more qualitative life. These classifications are by no means for character analyzing and judging others.

Jung’s original typology for personality test stands on the two personality attitudes (mentioned above) and four modes of orientation:

  • * Thinking
  • Sensation
  • Intuition
  • Feeling

These four functions are further divided into rational (or judging) and irrational (or perceiving) functions. Exercising the Rational function via thinking and sensing, and the Irrational via intuition and feeling.

Let us understand the cognitive planes of INTJ and ENTJ when evaluated during a personality test for an entrepreneur.

People often hold definitive ideas regarding both the introvert and the extrovert. Placing them at the opposite ends of the human spectrum, whereas the fact is that both the personality types are very similar in many ways and yet come across as diverse personalities.

The similarities:

  • Both have an intellectual orientation
  • Task-oriented and good problem solvers
  • Interested in self-improvement and self-growth
  • Both have direct styles of communication
  • Competitive and hardworking
  • May come across as intimidating to others
  • Well-organized and like to follow a set routine in their day-to-day lives.
  • Career-oriented

The Differences:

During entrepreneur assessment, introverts usually constitute thinkers and thus more inwardly inclined, logical, and focused, while extroverts are more action-oriented, practical, and focused planners keeping the future in focus.

  • In social setups, INTJs avoid being the centre of attention, whereas ENTJs enjoy the limelight.
  • INTJs are not open to adventures or trying something new, while ENTJs are very outgoing, enjoy new challenges, and are adventurous.
  • INTJs are patient and strive for perfection, while ENTJs are more impatient and rush into things.
  • INTJs are great listeners who like to remain silent. ENTJs are talkers with little patience to listen.
  • Research, thinking, and systematic planning come easily to INTJs, taking time to take decisions and actions. ENTJs are quick decision takers and are action-oriented, planning the process while on the move.
  • Even though both make excellent leaders: The introverts are reluctant leaders preferring to provide backend support staying in the background, while the extroverts happily don the mantle of a leader. People naturally follow both as their leaders, trusting the well-informed expertise of the INTJ and the organizational skills, a definitive plan, and charismatic personality of the ENTJ.
  • ENTJs are excellent strategists and problem solvers, people-persons who are inclusive and take others on board with them, whereas INTJs like to work independently without needing reassurance from others. They would instead rely on their data and knowledge base to structure and solve problems in solitude.
  • Despite being extremely forthright as communicators, they have distinct approaches. INTJs communicate in a direct and measured approach, whereas the ENTJ can come across as harsh and intimidating in their communication style, often speaking before thinking and regretting at leisure.

A summary of unique personality types for entrepreneur profiling  

INTJs dominant and defining quality is introverted thinking as their primary function and extroverted action as secondary. Inversely, ENTJs dominant function is the exact opposite - extroverted thinking followed by the secondary function which is, introverted intuition.

Now that you understand the distinction and similarities between both the personality types, how do you place yourself? Find out your personality type by taking an online personality test. The test will help you understand yourself better, which will guide you in making better life and work choices, leading to a more balanced and qualitative life. 


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