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Esignature platform: how to choose the best option

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In the business sphere, the security of processes, speed of interaction with customers, structured information and ease of presentation are important. Paperwork takes a lot of time. This applies to the formation of commercial proposals, creating and signing contracts. To conclude contracts as quickly as possible and receive positive feedback from clients, use electronic signature software. Developers create a variety of applications that differ in a set of functions and other parameters. Your task is to choose the best option.

Criteria for choosing an e-signature platform

E-signature platform is a modern tool for signing documents. When choosing software, you need to take into account a lot of criteria to get your business to the next level. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • * high-speed performance;

  • * cross-platform;

  • * scalability;

  • integration with other systems;

  • broad functionality;

  • intuitive interface;

  • reliability and security;

  • compliance with government regulations and laws.

High-speed performance is the response time. The smaller the parameter, the better the application. You will be able to validate documentation with e-signature in the shortest possible time.

Cross-platform affects the possibility of being in the middle of things. You don't always have access to a computer to look at and sign a contract. If the app is adapted for mobile devices, you'll be able to perform tasks wherever you want.

Cross-platform affects the possibility of being in the middle of things. You don't always have access to a computer to look at and sign a contract. If the app is adapted for mobile devices, you'll be able to perform tasks wherever you want.

Integration with other systems is important so that you and your employees can work on familiar corporate software. This will eliminate the cost of purchasing and installing new software.

Additional functionality is the combination of several work processes. You can not only sign documents using digital signatures, but also generate price offers from the database, create contracts according to templates, etc.

The intuitive interface allows even inexperienced beginners to quickly grasp the peculiarities of the processes. The simpler the design, the less time is needed to master the nuances.

Reliability and security are among the main criteria that are important for quality work. Information leakage is always fraught with problems, so make the right choice.

Compliance with government regulations and laws is necessary for the document to be legally valid when using a digital signature.

Pandadoc — e-signature platform of the new generation

When choosing an e-signature platform, don't forget about Pandadoc. The software is popular among users because of its multifunctionality and simple interface. It is adapted for computers and mobile devices, with a strong data encryption system.

Using digital signature, you will reduce the time of service of counterparties. There is no need to print out the generated document. It is sent electronically for review. Persons added to the program will be able to study all the clauses of the contract, make adjustments. It is immediately available to sign documentation and its subsequent sending to the client. Everything is as simple as possible, which is important for user comfort. Your profit is minimization of printing costs, accelerated signing of contracts, and satisfied clients.


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