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5 Most Common Types of Business Technology You Need to Keep the Track Of

  • Written by Diana Smith

The world of business was always heavily reliant on the latest technology to propel itself forward. The businesses able to recognize this fact and spearhead the latest technological trends were always in a position to dictate the market and stay ahead of the competition. In this day and age when technologies seem to change on a seemingly daily basis, the need to stay in touch with all the tools that make the foundation of the modern business environment only becomes more apparent.

Let us then quickly go through some of the most important types of business technology you need to keep track of to stay relevant in the years to follow.

Personal computers and networking

In the world owned by Information Technologies and governed by various cloud-based tools, personal computers are probably the most important pieces of equipment your business can ever own. The PCs themselves can be divided into two major groups:

Desktop computer –Usually the more powerful and money-economical solution

Laptop computers – A bit more expensive, but far more versatile option

Of course, as useful as these tools are, their worth and usability grow exponentially once they are connected to networks that allow the PC users to achieve a better level of collaboration. These networks can either be local (restricted to the access from the office) or global (accessible from all internet-capable devices).

Software and productivity tools

Software is the type of program preloaded to a computer to provide a certain type of functionality. The current offer of the software packages is incredibly extensive so we are going to cover only two major groups all businesses, regardless of the industry, can benefit from:

Office packages –The sets of tools used for producing information and documents. Essentially, they allow a virtual alternative to on-site paperwork.

Productivity tools – As the name suggests, productivity tools are software packages designed to improve workplace efficiency and productivity. They include the likes of to-do lists, slideshow tools, various reminders, and other, more duty-specific functionalities.

Web applications and cloud-based tools

Web applications and cloud-based tools perform the same tasks as classic software packages. Unlike them, though, they are not installed directly on the PC but rather accessed through the web. A substantial part of these packages is designed to replace traditional software suites. Others are made to address the problems of the web environment they work in. For instance, companies like Data Zoo are offering services that handle real-time user identity verification, which is a strictly web-specific problem.

Communication and VOIP systems

The efficiency of one business largely depends on the ability of the said business to effortlessly distribute information within and outside the organization. Fortunately, the current level of technology development provides us with a plethora of communication options tailored to different purposes. For instance, the email still makes the foundation of business correspondence and marketing outreach. On the other hand, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) make do a great job streamlining communication and collaboration within the company.

Accounting systems

As the name suggests, accounting systems used by companies to manage the expenses and revenues. Still, even this niche part of the software landscape features some extent of diversification. For instance, small and medium businesses heavily rely on more streamlined online QuickBooks. The bigger companies with more demanding bookkeeping needs use robust systems like Sage Accpac and SAP Business that allow greater customization and deeper set of options.

These five mentions hardly paint a complete picture of all the interlocking connections between the world of business and the world of tech. Trying to count them all would be impossible. But, the things we have covered make the five most areas you absolutely need to keep constant track of in order to stay competitive. The world around us is evolving too fast to let our guard down even for a second.


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