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The Biggest DOTA 2 Tournaments That Helped the Dizzying Rise of Esports

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The popularity and profitability of the eSports has grown in a way that no one expected. From its humble beginnings, the eSports industry has become one of the fastest growing sources of entertainment in the world. The biggest DOTA 2 tournaments, just like the biggest CS: GO tournaments, contributed to that.

Esports has gone through various phases that have led to it currently enjoying incredible popularity. It all started in the cramped halls of college dormitories in the 1970s, and now it has moved to huge arenas. The appeal of eSports has grown and overcome the stereotype that playing video games is a hopeless job and a waste of time. And how did it do it? With the help of big eSports tournaments that can boast of an incredible prize fund, but also the number of audiences that watch and follow them.

Considering that DOTA 2 is one of the most popular eSports in the world, it will not hurt to find out which are the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments.

Why Do These Tournaments Deserve Your Attention?

The biggest DOTA 2 tournaments are events with the participation of professional teams from all over the world who aspire to win the main prize, the sum of which is really tempting. Therefore, if you are a fan of eSports and video games, you should watch such events that you will definitely enjoy.

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What are the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments in which teams from all over the world participate?

The International Tournament

Dota 2 International, also known by the abbreviation TI, is one of the biggest eSports tournaments in the world. It is this championship that does not stop breaking its own record when it comes to the amount of the prize fund. The International Tournament is one of the largest and most lucrative eSports events with a prize pool of $ 40 million. The previous record was a prize fund of $ 34.3 million from last year’s event organized by Valve.

The first The International tournament was held in 2011 in Germany, and then the video game DOTA 2 was presented to the world audience. Considering that the prize fund was astonishingly large for that time ($ 1.6 million), the then 16 teams that came out on the field more than fiercely fought for the title of champion.

In the following years, the location of the tournament changed, and the prize fund grew to reach the figure of $ 40 million. You now understand why we can’t omit The International when we talk about the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments that have laid the foundations in the eSports community. The International 10 will, after numerous changes, finally be held in Bucharest, Romania, from October 7 to 17.

Major Championship

Dota 2 Major is an important event that brings together some of the best teams in this discipline. It is also an event that qualifies teams for the biggest DOTA 2 tournament - The International. A new format for Dota Pro Circuit was established this year. Namely, smaller tournaments have been replaced by regional leagues that determine the teams that will participate in major competitions. This year, the competition scene for DOTA 2 is divided into two seasons, each of which will end with the Major Championship.

To qualify for The International tournament, the team must be among the first in its regional league, which is an impressive feat in itself. Teams from different continents take part in the tournament:

  • 4 teams from Europe

  • 4 teams from China

  • 3 teams from Southeast Asia

  • 3 teams from Eastern Europe

  • 2 teams from North America

  • 2 teams from South America

Only they will have the opportunity to show their skills in DOTA 2 Major.

Tier 1 Tournaments

Tier 1 tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, they are played exclusively offline, and represent the best teams from around the world. These tournaments are considered some of the most prestigious in the eSports community.

In DOTA 2 Tier 1 tournaments, the prize pool ranges from $ 300,000 and up. In addition to Tier 1 tournaments, there are also Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 tournaments. Tier 2 tournaments also boast a larger prize pool, as well as the participation of a large number of top teams, while Tier 3 tournaments offer a smaller prize pool. Compared to others, Tier 4 tournaments are the lowest ranked events that are almost always held online.

Prominent tournaments are Major Championships events sponsored by Valve. When it comes to what the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments are, Tier 1 cannot be left out.

ESL Tournaments

ESL One is a series of tournaments organized by the Electronic Sports League. The best teams and players from all over the world come to these tournaments, and these are events that take place all over the planet.

The first ESL tournament was held in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, and since then all professional sports players who are fighting for the first place and the prestigious cash prize, which this year amounts to $ 175,000, have participated in it.

At the ESL One Fall 2021 tournament, the total prize pool of $ 400,000 will be divided into four parts. As we have already mentioned, the winner wins $ 175,000, the second-placed $ 85,000 dollars, the third-placed $ 45,000 dollars, while the one who wins the fourth place gets ‘comforting’ 25,000 dollars. Very generous indeed.

According to available data, DOTA 2 is the second most downloaded game on Steam in 2021. This video game has many formats and gameplay modes, and is a sequel to one of the first MOBA games ever created. With more than 590,000 daily players, it is no wonder that the biggest DOTA 2 tournaments have been followed so much.


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