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There won't be many men who would not have experienced or at least heard of Jock itch. Also known as Tinea Cruris, it is a fungal infection commonly experienced in the groin area by athletes or anyone prone to sweating. Interestingly this fungal skin infection is very similar to an athlete's foot. However, a jock itch is not as contagious as an athlete's foot.

The jock's itch symptoms are easily recognizable as the infected areas of the skin are commonly the groin, inner thighs, and genitals. Other identifiable symptoms of jock's itch include itching and irresistible urge to scratch the skin, a red rash caused because of the inflammation and dilated blood vessels in the affected area, chaffed, dry, flaky skin due to the candida yeast feeding off the keratin present in the epidermis, painful blistering in the folds of skin and in case of severe cases even foul jock odour.

What causes jock itch?

The jock's itch causing fungus thrives in moist and sweaty conditions, making it a matter of health concern in tropical countries. This itch makes jock hygiene more serious when it becomes aggravated by spreading to the thighs and towards the genital area. Some factors causing Jock Itch are:

  1. Stress: Stress of any kind is known to weaken the immune system by affecting digestion, leading to issues like constipation. A weak immunity caused by stress can cause high sugar levels and lead to diabetes or allergies. This can then make the body more susceptible to various bacterial and fungal infections.
  2. Gut toxin: A poisonous gut toxin like acetaldehyde released by candida yeast can be another cause for jock's itch. Acetaldehyde encourages free radicals that lead to cellular damage. If one has a weak immune system, the body's struggle to defend cells against the free radicals can lead to significant troubling symptoms.
  3. Poor food habits: Fungi in one's digestive tract is natural, knocking down the health when it becomes overactive. A diet high in processed sugar and carbohydrates can easily cause the growth of unfriendly bacteria as it feeds on refined sugars. Bad food habits cause a lack of good nutrients, resulting in a weak epidermis falling prey to this fungal infection.
  4. Bad personal hygiene: No prizes for guessing this one. Poor personal hygiene can add to the growth and worsening of fungal infections like jock's itch. Bacteria and fungi get a chance to reproduce and aggravate infection resulting in rashes spreading to other body areas, like genitals.


The embarrassment of controlling all the above physical symptoms can make life restless, resulting in aggravated stress. Jock itch can be painful and uncomfortable and can damage the epidermis. Here are a few practical tips to avoid this fungal infection.

The first way is to avoid direct contact. Although jock itch is not contagious, it is always better not to share personal hygiene products with anyone. It is not a good idea to use public swimming pools if one is affected. Another effective method is to maintain skin hygiene. Never leave a sweaty skin unclean, for it can be the perfect breeding place for a fungal infection. You should also eat healthy to ease stress. Stress can play havoc with immunity and the digestive system, while a healthy, nutritious diet can soothe it. Drink a lot of water and staying caffeine-free always helps.

Finally, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene. This is where Perfect Male Package can help. With a wide range of clinically and naturally formulated products to treat groin problems such as jock itch, chaffing, mild skin irritations, sweating, and jock odours, it sure is time for a better and active lifestyle!

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