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Should men consider Gynecomastia Surgery?

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While most men may not speak about it, gynecomastia can be a great source of embarrassment. The condition generally describes the enlargement of breast tissue in men. Most men want to have contours on their chest and having gynecomastia can be unsettling for them.

Over the years, the number of men looking for male breast surgery services has been increasing, and that is mostly after realizing that the condition can be addressed.

Gynecomastia is often caused by a surge in hormones leading to the growth of the breast tissue. Other causes of the condition include the use of steroids and drugs and weight gain.

Why should men go for gynecomastia surgery?

While the enlargement of the breast tissue in men may not be a cause for alarm, it can weigh down their self-esteem. The surgery is worth the while as it is a way to restore their esteem. Through the procedure, excess fat and the glandular tissues are removed, restoring a more masculine and contoured chest.

The good thing about the procedure is the fact that the results are permanent which means a permanent restoration of confidence, and quality of life. The procedure does not also leave behind too many scars.

There are also other health benefits associated with the procedure. It is worth noting that men who suffer from the condition often experience back pains. This results from the men maintaining certain postures in a bid to hide their chests. With the surgery, they no longer have a reason to maintain unhealthy postures, hence prevents backpains.

As you research liposuction sydney prices, be happy that you will not only regain your confidence but handling physical activities will become easier.

The surgery is usually mild, and the discomfort is minimal. The recovery process will therefore be smooth for the patient.

Who is eligible for gynecomastia surgery?

Persons above 18 years are eligible for the procedure. They should also be medically fit for the procedure to be approved. To determine this, the doctors conduct clinical evaluations on the patient before the procedure.

How to prepare for the surgery

Just like in other procedures, gynecomastia surgery requires preparation. Understanding what should be done, and what to avoid is vital. For instance, patients are advised to avoid smoking and taking supplements. They are also advised not to take any anti-inflammatory medications approaching surgery.

Your doctor should also be kept aware of any medication you are taking in preparation for the surgery.

Before surgery, you should ensure that all the mandated examinations are complete. The armpits should also be shaved completely. The same applies to the chest area. The patient should also not eat or drink six hours to the surgery.


As earlier mentioned, the recovery process after the surgery is not indulging. The patient should just ensure that they wear comfortable clothes. The chest area should also be kept fresh and clean to prevent infections. Usually, the patient can take a bath 24 hours after the procedure.

Patients are required to take anti-biotics and avoid driving and other strenuous activities for some time.

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