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How to Enjoy Sweets and Stay Fit

To eat or not to eat - that’s the question. The more food and sweets there are around, many face their biggest dilemmas, especially ladies. Why them? Because they want to wear their favorite dresses or continue to be good-looking to go to the beach. But who can resist cupcakes, pancakes, sweet pies, and similar sweets?

What to do in such situations when you crave sweets? No worries. Just because you like to eat sweets does not mean you cannot be slim. Here are five tips on how to ‘confront’ desserts in the best possible way.

# 1 Choose Your Candy

Don’t eat just about every dessert. Choose what you want to eat and save your appetite only for those treats that you cannot resist. In short, follow the “take it or leave it” rule. Choose small portions and choose only those sweets that you think are ‘mandatory’.

# 2 Sweet Alternatives

Certain great desserts have great alternatives with less fat and which do not fatten so much, and they are equally delicious. For example, cookies with vanilla are great, and are a shade lighter than those with chocolate, while frozen yogurt is a better option than ice cream.

# 3 Work Out

If you exercise regularly, you are free to take in more calories. You will be surprised how a short, 30-minute workout can do wonders for your body. Eating sweets and being inactive (eating while watching TV or while spending hours playing blackjack over your smartphone at your favorite online casino - whether you found it via or other specialized platforms) is a ‘lethal’ combination for your body.

# 4 Split the Portion

Need a simple secret to a fit look? Split your portions. Choose a dessert - it can be whatever you want - but eat only half. You can give the other half to your friend or maybe save it for later, but also leave it for another day.

# 5 Mornings Are Important

When sweets are eaten in the morning, it is much better than eating them in the evening. What you eat in the morning digests faster and is less likely you will gain weight than something you eat late at night, no matter what it is.

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