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Six Things Every Real Otaku Must Do in this Life

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Once you watch anime, there is no going back. They are awesome and take everything to a level where you can’t control your emotions. Anime is a cartoon and it’s definitely not for kids. There are special anime for kids, and there are so many genres that even adults with weak hearts can’t watch.

If you are a real otaku, you would already know this. Many people start calling themselves otaku just because they have seen Attack on Titan. No bro, you are just getting started. There is so much more to explore and so many things to do before you become a real otaku. Here is a list of all those things.

Visit Japan

Yes, it can be expensive to visit Japan and not everyone is privileged enough to visit another country for tourism. If you have not visited Japan, you can still be an otaku, but you must at least have a strong desire to visit it at least once in your life. This country has a special place in the hearts of all anime fans for the great series they have given to the world. Even Hollywood is nothing compared to Japan when it comes to entertainment.

Get Anime Clothes

You could be an anime fan, but that is not enough to be an otaku. You have to show it to the world that you are a real anime nerd. No matter what country you live in, you should buy some clothes that have anime characters printed on them. It’s not really very difficult because of the internet. If you don’t know where to buy anime clothes in Australia, simply follow the link to see a range of varieties.

Watch the Big Three Anime

You just can’t call yourself an Otaku even if you have done everything on the list but have not watched the big three anime. If you can’t name the three anime, you should get your Otaku training again. Here is what I am talking about.

  • Dragon Ball

  • Naruto

  • One Piece

These are the most popular and successful anime series of all time. Every anime fan must watch these series before anything else. These are very long series and two of them still continue. Fans have to wait every week to watch the latest episode as soon as it releases.

You might have watched hundreds of other series, but you should not miss out on these three. You won’t regret watching hundreds of episodes of each show, and realize within the first few episodes why they are so popular.

Attend an Anime Convention

There are special events for Otakus called anime conventions. These conventions are not limited to just Japan. There are anime fans in every country of the world and they conduct some events at least once a year. You might have to visit another to attend one, but it’s a prerequisite to becoming an Otaku. People wear costumes and interact with many other fans in one place. There are usually many entertaining activities for you as well.

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Six Things Every Real Otaku Must Do in this Life

Once you watch anime, there is no going back. They are awesome and take everything to a level where you can’t control your emotions. Anime is a cartoon and it’s...

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