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Experiencing the Rocky Mountain Railroad

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You can go onboard on Rocky Mountaineer, which is a luxury train ride that can give you the best views and sceneries across the Canadian Rockies. The views will take your breath away, and this is something that you should add to your bucket list. 

Many travelers may have questions about this and whether this is the right choice for their holidays. If you are one of them, you can get more information when you click here for a Canadian Rocky Mountain Railroad tour company and see the fantastic surprises that they can offer you. With this said, here are some pieces of information that you may want to know about what to expect in these luxury trains.

About the Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury rail service that’s privately owned. It runs through exclusive routes for tourists to enjoy, and this can be a part of your holiday deals. What you need to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. There are services onboard given by expert staff whom you’ll find impeccable in their actions. You may also have the chance to hear more about the fascinating wildlife and geology that the mountains have to offer.

When to Expect the Tour?

The train runs between the months of April up to October. Departures are twice a week. While the Rockies may be too snowy for some during winter and there are possibilities of landslides, the main reason why the train is still operating through the fairer months is to make the most of the available daylight. Some of the excellent views are there in the heart of a dark winter. See more pictures of Canadian winter on this page here.

What are the Routes?

There are several choices for travelers. You can go with the Rainforest to Gold Rush, which means that the places included are Vancouver and Jasper. The route can go in Quesnel and Whistler.

You may also take advantage of the Journey through the Clouds that can run from Jasper to Vancouver via the Kamloops.

There’s the First Passage to the West that can run from either Banff or Vancouver using the Kamloops. Another option is from Vancouver up to Lake Louise; also, the route can be via Kamloops.

Seeing the Views

There are two service levels in the rails that you can choose from, which are the GoldLeaf or the SilverLeaf service. They will impact your experience depending on how you’ll look at those fantastic views. With the SilverLeaf, you can get picture windows from your seat, and the carriage for the train is a single level one. 

GoldLeaf services have two levels: seating on the top and a dining room at the lower levels. Learn more about car dining here: You can get higher views above the trees, and the glass-domed roofs will give you a full 360-degree view of everything rather than the picture windows. 

The cherry at the top of the cake on Goldleaf is that you’ll be able to get into an exclusive platform for outdoor viewing. This will make you closer to taking photos and videos, and there will be no windows in the way.

Getting On and Off 

If you’re wondering whether you can get on or off the train just like in the normal rails, the answer is no. The train itself won’t usually stop off at every city along the way. Another thing is some routes don’t pass too many towns and what’s in it for the tourists is stunning and endless wilderness.

This is not a hop-off or hop-on service for the safety of everyone. What these rail companies want to achieve is that you spend a full day on the train that’s around 8 to 11 hours, and then make a stopover for the night.

For some tourists, 8 hours may be more than enough to spend time on the rails. However, if this is your first time, know that time will fly. So many sceneries, wildlife, flowers, trees, and mountains to see, and there’s so much space to move around. There are outside vestibules too. The hosts are entertaining with their wildlife stories and facts. Some will tell the histories of the Rockies, and this can get educational for some.

Sleeping on Board

There’s no room to sleep onboard, unlike other rail services. The operation is done mainly in daylight hours to ensure that the sights can’t be easily missed. Once one leg of the journey, the train will stop in a pre-planned city where you can have dinner and spend the night comfortably on a bed. Some will do a sightseeing spot in the city first before sleeping to get most of the tour.

For guests who have gotten the SilverLeaf package, the beds will be located at popular hotels in a particular town. With the GoldLeaf service, a deluxe hotel is an option, and extra-special services are present if you want to get the swankiest suites or upgrade your accommodations and food.

Meals Onboard

You will always be full of delicacies and food on board while seeing the amazing sights of the mountain. One of the highlights that the rail services offer is their spectacular dining that leaves many of their guests satisfied.

There are options to purchase a meal plan where breakfasts are offered. The servings include three-course meals every day, and they are paired with the beverage you prefer. Five choices of entrees can be presented to you, including coffee and a freshly baked scone. Soups and stocks are available, and requests for gluten-free food can be accommodated.

Vegetarians don’t receive different treatment from other guests. Menus offer a wide course of vegetarian or vegan options. The short ribs or chicken curry being whipped when delays are inevitable. 

If you’re in the mood for pancakes or juice, know that they are served with Canadian real maple and cranberries. Know more info about maple trees in Canada on this site. Montreal-style beef, poached eggs, potatoes with tarragon hollandaise are just some of the choices with the chef’s creativity in mind.

More about the Trips

There are essential tips that you can take where you can choose your own experience and activities. Choose packages that will offer you the best getaway even if you don’t have time to spare. Plenty of time for explorations will await you, and you can explore the cosmopolitan Vancouver and find its hidden jewels, get to know the beauty of the Banff town, and see the amazing Lake Louise.

These trips can take six days and five nights. The rail journeys will give you a chance to see the majestic forests, waterfalls, glaciers and wildlife and these are something that you can splurge on. The price can depend on the available accommodations, seasons, services, and sightseeing packages you have, so it’s best if you can directly get a quote to the rail company of your choice for more details.

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