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Choosing the Right Venue for your Dream Wedding

  • Written by Marife Boiser

Why a Venue is Important

Congratulations! Getting ready to tie the knot can be exciting and overwhelming for any soon-to-be-wed couple. The first thing to do when planning a wedding is to take things a step at a time. Begin by choosing the right venue for your dream wedding.

Choosing the right venue dictates the ambience your wedding is going to have. If you're aiming for a rustic wedding, why not look for a venue with some outdoor space? For a more exotic wedding, why not consider a location wedding? You can also check for a wedding venue with ocean views and outdoor terraces. But, before you decide on a venue, you should consider your style, guest count, and budget.

Things to Consider

At one point, we've all imagined how our wedding is going to happen. From the bouquets to the fashion-forward dress code, everything should be calculated. Another tip is having a wedding tailor like for a more elegant look. 

Before you run off and begin planning your wedding, take time, and consider where the wedding venue will be. There are a few critical things you need to consider when choosing the right wedding venue for your dream wedding.

Decide on a Budget

Before booking a wedding reception area, you have to plan your budget accordingly. As much as we want to have the wedding of our dreams, the most important thing to consider is your budget. 

Not everyone can afford a luxury vineyard as a wedding venue, and that's okay. Splurging too much on your venue may force you to make compromises on other aspects of your wedding.

Select the Right Location

One critical aspect to consider is your wedding location. Bear in mind whether your guests can reach your wedding location. It's vital, especially if it's going to be a destination wedding. 

Choosing the right location ensures you and your guests will enjoy the wedding without a hitch.

Consider Your Style

A wedding venue has to work fluidly with your style. Imagine having a formal evening wedding in a rustic barnyard? It just doesn't work. Decide whether you prefer formal or informal; night or day; traditional or modern style before booking a venue.

By doing so, you'll make sure that all the details fit perfectly and work together to make your wedding a dream.

Finalize the Guest Count

That's why it's best to finalize your guest count or at least have a reliable estimate to perfectly budget your wedding. Your guest count will also dictate the space required for your wedding venue.

Your guest counts heavily intertwine with your budget from the venue to the plating. 


Everyone gets excited when wedding bells are nearing. With all the preparations and planning needed, you'll surely strive to make your dream wedding a reality. However, as fun and exciting weddings can be, its inception can be overwhelming and daunting for most. If planning your dream wedding gives so much stress and worries try asking some of your friends or loved ones to help you with the planning or getting advice from professional wedding planner like Married so you can focus in preparing yourself on your special day.

That's why you need to take things a step at a time and consider each aspect carefully. Begin by finding the right wedding venue for your dream wedding. Always take into consideration your budget, style, and guest count.

These factors can make or break your wedding planning. By staying on top of your game and planning your wedding venue to a T, you're a step closer to living through your dream wedding.

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