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Cut Your Hot Water Costs This Winter

  • Written by Samantha Ball

Winter comes with a drop in temperature, and that change can be a big drain on your finances. The reason? Colder weather results in higher utility bills for millions across Australia as we begin to use more hot water.

Thankfully there are several methods of keeping your utility bill from rising. Here are just a few easy ways to cut your hot water costs this winter.

Adapt Your Showering Habits

The effect that your showering habits have on your power bill is enormous. That's why it's important to be conscious about how frequently you shower, how long you shower, and how much hot water you use. 

The cooler winter temperatures understandably make it much more tempting to stay in a hot shower. To help yourself resist this wasteful temptation, try using warm water instead of hot water for your showers. It'll still feel nice and relaxing, but you'll have an easier time stepping out once you're done getting clean. If this isn't enough, you can also keep the bathroom door shut to keep the steam in and have a housecoat or some really warm pyjamas on stand by.  

Don't Neglect Leaks

We're all guilty of ignoring a dripping tap here and there. However, what may seem like a tiny leak can have a big impact on your finances over time. For example, a single leak of just one drip per second can cost you $1 every month. If you have multiple leaks, you'll definitely notice it on your bill. 

Neglecting leaks is similar to letting the tap run when you're cleaning the kitchen, brushing your teeth, or washing your face. In both cases, clean water is going down the drain, costing you money. 

Change Your Appliances and How You Use Them

Your shower isn't the only appliance costing you money. Your washing machine, dryer, taps, dishwasher, and every other appliance that uses water also have an impact on your monthly bill. You can reduce this impact by using them more efficiently. For example, load your washing machine and dishwasher fully before turning them on. You can also install low-flow fixtures on some of your appliances, such as showerheads and taps.

Use Cold Water When Possible

Not every appliance that uses water necessarily needs to use hot water. The best example of this is washing machines. Unless your clothes are covered in soil or other hard to remove stains, a cold wash is sufficient. You can also try using cold water more frequently when washing your face, brushing your teeth, or even when cooking.

Replace/Repair Your Hot Water System

Different hot water systems will end up costing or saving you different amounts of money on your utility bill every month. If you have a hot water system with damages or one that is over a decade old, it's probably time to replace or repair it. Reach out to a licenced business, preferably one with a lifetime workmanship guarantee, before winter starts so that you can save all season long. 

By following these tips, and being conscious of your overall water usage, you'll have no problem cutting your water costs to something more manageable. Send this article to your housemates to get everyone involved for the best results! 


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