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10 Questions You Must Ask Your Removalists Before Moving

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Once you are done with all the arrangements for your new place, and you have a moving date ready, it’s time to pick a removalist company!

Summers is the most suitable time of the year for moving to a new place as typically the weather is pleasant, and it’s the season of public holidays which means you require fewer days off from work.

Most people relocate only a few times in their lives.

It’s quite challenging for them to keep a record of the ins and outs of the moving industry.

Unfortunately, this will leave them at the mercy of moving companies with unsafe services, unfair prices, and even fraudulent business practices.

That’s why we are here with the list of ten questions that will prevent you from hiring any Tom, Dick or Harry!

10 Critical Questions you must ask before hiring any Interstate Removalists :

1. Are you a licensed removalist company?

This is an essential question as nobody wants their stuff to be handled by any random removalists.

It is necessary to conduct a proper background check of the company and verify their license before hiring them.

Various unlicensed firms offer massive discounts, but it is always advisable to hire a licensed removalist.

2. How long have you been in this business?

Experience matters in every field of business.

If the removalist company you’re hiring has not worked with the right clients in the past, there are increased chances of them messing up your delivery.

You must always employ experienced players in the market. They might charge an extra cent, but you can be assured that there are lesser chances of messing up.

3. How will you protect fragile items?

The safety of fragile items solely depends on the quality of the packaging material used and the way it is packed.

Hence, this becomes an essential question of what are the safety measures the removalist company is taking for protecting fragile items, like crockeries.

You can also ask them to use cartons instead of cardboard boxes as it keeps the materials safe.

4. How is your fee calculated?

Different companies have different ways to calculate the moving fees.

Some companies charge fees by the hour, some by the distance or number of service members used and some charge as per the volume of the goods.

You must always understand how the quote is estimated so that you have a better knowledge of what you are paying for.

5. Are there any hidden fees apart from the price quoted?

A lot of times, there are certain miscellaneous charges which are not mentioned in the quote. It could be some kind of tax or any additional charge.

You should always make it clear with the company that you won’t be paying anything beyond the amount you signed for.

6. Do you have your shipping vehicle?

It is important to make sure that the company has its own shipping vehicle.

If they use a rented vehicle, there is a possibility that your shipment may get delayed as the company might not be able to arrange for the vehicle on a specified date.

7. What sort of Insurance do you provide?

Moving things is a delicate job. There are several things that are costly, fragile and require special attention.

Therefore it becomes necessary to ask your removalist about what kind of insurance they provide if there is any damage to the goods while moving.

8. Do you offer shipment tracking?

Shipment tracking can ease your mind as you’ll always be updated about your order movement and you won’t be calling the company again and again for the update.

This question should also be kept in mind while hiring an interstate removalist.

9. Can you provide us with some reference from your previous customers?

There is a proverb that ‘Actions speak louder than words’.

An established removalist will not hesitate in sharing references of their happy customers.

However, if the company doesn’t provide you with references, there’s a possibility that the customers are not satisfied with their services or they are new removalists.

10. What happens in the case where we need to cancel the booking?

There could be any reason due to which you would want to cancel your booking. It is advisable to ask your removalist about the company’s cancellation policies before signing a contract.

The removalist industry has significantly evolved in the 21st century and became more beneficial than it was a few years back.

Adopting technology is said to be the biggest reason for the change that the moving industry has seen in its entire history.

Technology provided this business with more transparency, and unethical business practices are no more a possibility.

Crazy Rise can help you find the right removalists for your move.

They offer removalists that are affordable, credible, and provide a better customer experience.

Now, as you’re well equipped with the right questions and adequate information to determine your moving company, you can start preparing for your move.

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