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8 benefits of flyscreens

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The Australian home has long benefited from the legendary flyscreen. Households across the country enjoy their ability to keep out flies while providing a host of other awesome benefits.

Let’s take a look at why flyscreens in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond are perfect for the Aussie home.

  1. They keep out bugs!

Obviously, a flyscreen’s original intended purpose is to keep out bugs. This is particularly important in the summer months where flies, mozzies and other household insects and pests try to take over the home.

  1. They provide added security

You can buy security-centric flyscreen doors that are made from stronger materials. These are designed to stop people from gaining unwanted access to your home. Their strong frames and structure can provide extra protection from robberies as they are difficult to break through.

  1. They keep kids safe

Fly screens are great for stopping kids from gaining access to where they shouldn’t e.g. going into the backyard unsupervised. This is a much better option than locking up all the doors and is great for ensuring your kids are safe and within view at all times.

  1. Privacy

Many fly screens provide added privacy for the home, as they are constructed with black mesh that makes it difficult to see inside the home. This difficulty is even more so from a distance. This being said, people that are inside the home can still outside and this is another important security benefit.

  1. They provide added style

Decorative flyscreens are a popular option for people who want the benefits of a flyscreen without diminishing their home’s style. For example, your home can benefit from additional curbside style via a wrought iron decorative flyscreen. There are also plenty of options such as wood and aluminum designs too, making it easy to match the style of your home.

  1. They help save energy

You can create a natural airflow in your home when using a flyscreen. Natural ventilation can keep your home cool throughout the warmer months without the need to run expensive air conditioning systems. This can increase your savings depending on how much other energy you use in the house. Not only this, but it’s also a better option for the environment.

Flyscreens, conveniently, also block out direct sunlight, which helps keep the heat out of the home. This added benefit of blocking direct sunlight can prevent damage to floors and furniture that is usually created by UV rays.

  1. They increase natural light

When compared to traditional windows and doors, fly screens provide larger amounts of light to come into the room. The somewhat transparent surface of a flyscreen provides a natural brightness in the room. This, once again, can help reduce energy bills, as the natural that comes into the home replaces the lights you may use in its place.

  1. They allow in the fresh air

As flyscreens have a perforated mesh construction, they provide a worthwhile barrier without reducing airflow. This increased ventilation and circulation provides an ongoing supply of fresh air throughout the home, which is good for your health. Stale air can increase the amount of bacteria in the home, as well as trapping contaminants and pollutants in the one spot.

These contaminants can have an adverse effect on the occupants’ health. Finally, the lack of ventilation in the your property can add to an increase in mould, bringing with it the risk of respiratory and bacterial infections. With proper ventilation and circulation, your family will feel healthier, happier and more alert.

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