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How To Decorate Your Home With Plantation Shutters

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Most homeowners find it very challenging to choose window treatments. The dilemma is evident as there are many options they have. There are blinds, shutters, flyscreens, drapes, and curtains to choose from. What should be the ideal window treatment that suits your home decor and serves all the purposes?

Plantation shutters Melbourne are trendy in Australia due to some unmatched benefits they offer to homeowners. They are stylish, versatile, highly durable, and last longer. They integrate seamlessly into any type of home decor and provide an appealing look to any room. They are easy to work with and are highly functional.

Window plantation shutters can give a paradigm shift to your home. All you need to do is to hire the best plantation shutters supplier with a proven track record. They can merge well with any type of home decor design and interior.

Furthermore, they are classy and offer a spacious and bright feel to any room, including bedrooms and living rooms. When layered with other soft window treatments such as curtains, they provide a lush appearance. You can combine the best plantation shutters in Melbourne with other window treatments to enhance the existing decor of your home.

Primarily, long curtains are used to place on the sides of the windows to soften the edges of the plantation shutters. If you are looking for better light and privacy control, you can install plantation shutters on the bottom half of the window and get the best elegant look.

Let discuss how plantation shutters can be integrated into main home decor patterns and how they match well with all types of home designs.

Modern Décor

Most Australian homes are modern-designed, and they look fantastic. A home with modern decor has a simple colour palette. Furthermore, modern decor homes use materials such as metal, glass, and others. Also, you will find clean, crisp design lines. Interior designers use the modern decor theme to bring simplicity with minimal accessories, including furniture and other items. They offer a sophisticated appeal and classy look at the same time.

When it comes to selecting plantation shutters for a modern-designed decor, choosing vinyl plantation shutters or composite plantation shutters will be your best bet. Composite plantation shutters are very much in demand as they resemble natural wood and have the resilience and durability you are looking for.

In addition to that, choosing vinyl plantation shutters for a modern-designed home would also be a great idea. These plantation shutters never warp, peel, chip, or discolour. They can keep serving you even with prolonged exposure to sunlight and other weather elements. They are solid, durable, and versatile to use.

Moreover, caring for and maintaining these composite and vinyl window shutters in Melbourne is very easy and effortless. All you need to do is to clean them with a soft cloth to keep them.

Rustic Decor

Rustic homes are great and visually pleasing. We all know that. Primarily, wood and stone are used to create a rustic feel and jaw-dropping aesthetic. Rustically decorated homes offer a warm and rich feeling and have stone counters, wood beams, wood floors, stone or wooden tables and chairs.

When you use plantation shutters for such homes, it will be the best addition to the house. You should go for natural wood window plantation shutters that will enhance the overall appeal of your home and make it astonishing.

In addition to that, wood plantation shutters are available in the market with a wide range of options for stains and colours. You can also go for custom-made window plantation shutters to have that unique and stylish look that never fades away. Furthermore, bespoke wood plantation shutters also work as insulators to offer you comfort and convenience to lead a better life.

If you are looking for a rustic look with durable and highly functional plantation shutters, choosing natural wood plantation shutters would be ideal. They are eco-friendly and offer a rich, classy feel to the home. Ensure that you get sustainable plantation shutters in Melbourne from a reputable supplier.

Minimalist Décor

A home with a minimalist design ensures a cozy feeling with simplistic colour palettes and sleek furnishings. While designing a home with a minimalist design, designers provide that nothing is excessive. Even furniture is simple and highly streamlined. Minimalist homes are highly functional and offer superior utility.

Melbourne's plantation shutters are the best to add in the minimalist homes as they have hidden tilt rods and motorised operations to add convenience to your living. They add style, value, and superior functionality to the house. You can also experiment while choosing the colours for plantation shutters. Going for contrast colours will add a touch of sophistication to the home.

Industrial Décor

As the name suggests, the industrial decor has industrial designs with a sense of incomplete rawness. Woods, bricks, or ductwork are used while designing industrial-designed homes with high ceilings and functional furniture. A home with industrial decor will ensure highly functional and has a perfect, somewhat unfinished vibe that makes it more lively and radiant.

You can go for wooden plantation shutters while decorating industrial decor homes as they would complement wood, bricks, and metals used in the home. It will ensure a uniform look to the entire home.

Traditional Décor

Homeowners who want to have a classic look with luxurious furniture and furnishings go for the traditional decor. Traditionally decorated homes have rich colour palettes with superior textures and patterns. Also, the furniture used in the traditionally decorated home creates depth and texture.

Choose white plantation shutters in Melbourne for these homes. It will brighten up your space and give a radiant look to the home.


Plantation shutters are the ideal choice for Australian homes. They are highly versatile, durable and offer a superior, rich, trendy look to the home. Various combinations can be used to make the room more vibrant and aesthetic. Plantation shutters can match any existing decor and will add value to your home. Choose the best supplier who offers the best plantation shutters in Melbourne to get high-quality materials.

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Amelia Johnson is an interior design consultant at Metablinds. She is an avid reader of home interior and home decor. She loves to write on the home interior, home decor, home renovations. Her ultimate objective while writing these topics is to help her clients to increase the beauty of their homes.

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