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How to Work from Home during the Coronavirus Lockdown

  • Written by Shivanshi Srivastava

The world is dealing with the worst time of the century. The pandemic Covid-19 has forced millions of people to remain indoors. Millions of offices are closed. As per a recent study by a leading remote working tool from CocoFox, 93% of the global workforce is under lockdown and 100+ countries have restricted traveling.

But that doesn’t mean the work shouldn’t happen. The workforce of the very country is still in action and playing its part in strengthening the economy. 

It’s possible because of the remote working tools that are helping businesses of all sorts to establish a fully-functional virtual office at the domestic site of employees. 

By offering a whole set of collaboration, productivity, reporting, and monitoring tools, remote working software is helping businesses to remain functional even when offices are closed and strict lockdown is implemented. 

However, not every remote working tool is capable of making a functional office at the employee’s site. Not a feature-rich, highly advanced, and AI-driven tool will succeed in this task. This is where a remote working tool from CocoFax comes into the picture.  

CocoFax - Making Work-From-Home Easier Than Ever 

CocoFax is an online fax solution that provides substantial support to the at-home workforce. Using it, your ‘at-home’ team can fax important documents without owning a traditional fax machine.

Effortless Faxing Solution 

Packed with leading AI-technology, this online fax solution allows your team members to fax directly from phones. It is compatible with all the leading versions of iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows smartphone.  

You can send/receive faxes using the email. Five emails like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. are supported by CocoFax. Hence, your team doesn’t have to make extra efforts to use it. 

No Installation Hassles  

One doesn’t have to get involved in the time-taking download and installation process to bring CocoFax into action. It’s a plug-and-play tool that would be at your service once you purchase its subscription. 

Impeccable Cyber Security 

The worst nightmare for any business is to see the crucial data leaking in the malicious cyber world. The dangers of this are very scary and cause serious damage. Hence, your remote working tool must come with great cybersecurity. 

CoocFax adheres to the industry’s best security protocols and takes appropriate measures to keep all kinds of cyber vulnerabilities at bay. 

Global Connectivity 

No matter in which part of the globe your business partner resides, CocoFax will help you connect with them. It comes with impeccable connectivity that is spread over 189 countries. You can enjoy the phone faxing facility of CocoFax across the globe. 

Final words 

The current situations demand a global workforce to remain fully functional without stepping out of their home. This can be a hassle-free task if you have the right kind of remote working tool by your side. CocoFax is one of them. Its online faxing solutions ensure your workforce is collaborating with business partners without zero hassles. 

One can also find a listing of diverse remote working tools on the website. Choose as per your need and don’t let coronavirus sicken your business.  


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