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How to Present a More Professional Image for Your Car Dealership

  • Written by Shan Ge

A car is a tremendous tool to help people get around and commute to different places throughout their day-to-day. Most people see their own vehicle as a source of freedom and an avenue for adventure. If you're passionate about giving people that freedom and putting them behind the wheel of a new vehicle, running a car dealership is the right job for you. Whether you've been working in the same place for years or are looking to open up your first car lot, there are a few steps you'll want to take to be sure you're building a professional business.

When you think of car dealerships, you may think of a crowded lot in the middle of nowhere and salesmen who are desperate for a sale. You want to create a different aesthetic than this. It's important to create a professional environment and present an image for your commercial property that you can truly be proud of. Here are a few tips to help you create a professional car dealership that will beat out all the competition.

Establish your mission and your business offerings.

Car dealerships can often be a one-stop shop for any automobile needs. Whether you're in the market to buy or need to pull an old car up the driveway for a repair, you turn to car dealers to take care of you. In an effort to improve your professionalism, it may be time to reestablish your mission and brand your business offerings. For example, O'Brians Automotive in Canada offers great deals on cars while also providing repair services. They've branded their business offerings and appear sleek and professional. By announcing they're a company to trust, they are getting you on their side and provide exact details of what they're all about.

Keep your cars and inventory looking good at all times.

As a car dealer, your most important assets are the vehicles themselves. You don't want your lot to be full of clunkers or dirty cars that no one will want to buy. It's a good idea to do interior and exterior cleaning on a regular basis. A pressure washer can do a great job of getting any grime or mildew off your merchandise, and off your dealership's vinyl windows, too. Not to mention the benefits to your sidewalks, driveway, or patio. This will help you keep a more professional appearance. In Tennessee, professional Nashville pressure washers can keep your cars and vinyl windows looking great while also doing concrete cleaning, deck cleaning, and even house washing. This will help your building look great and professional, no matter the weather, the season, or the type of surface you have.

Look the part of a salesperson.

Your salespeople are the face of your company. When you send someone out into the lot to discuss deals with customers, you want to make sure they look the part of a true professional. Encourage your team to dress business casual and look the part. Unless they're actually working on the cars and performing repairs, they need to be in suits or professional attire. Setting boundaries for the men's and women's clothing you want to see in the office is a great way to get the best results.

Partner with local mechanic shops people trust.

In any competitive business, networking and word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly important. By gaining the trust of other organizations you are showing the community that you can benefit them as well. Get in touch with your local mechanics and repair shops to create important partnerships that can be mutually beneficial for both your images.

Create a professional office beyond the lot.

Sure, a car dealership is mainly the lot where all the cars are located, but there is more to it than just that. It's time to create a professional office space beyond the car lot. You need a comfortable lobby and offices where buyers can sign paperwork and finalize sales. This will help you appear more professional and stay organized as a business.

Make sure every interaction comes with a personal touch.

Professionalism isn't just about stuffy business clothes and setting up a pristine office. It is also how you interact with customers and clients. When you are setting up your dealership, you want to instill a positive culture where your potential buyers feel seen and welcomed. Simple touches like remembering someone's name or asking about their personal needs for their vehicle can go a long way as you're trying to close a final deal.

Invest in a sleek marketing campaign.

In the modern era, you can't just create a professional presence in person. You also need to set up a website and digital campaign that fits that packs a punch. Invest in nice web design and create marketing strategies that are well thought out and put together. This helps you present a unified front where people will be enticed to come visit your car lot and see what you have to offer.



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