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Top Digital Marketing Questions for Tradies, Answered by Expert

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Being a tradie can be a tough job, but the pay is good, and the work is interesting. However, the working hours are so unexpected that, at times, you feel like you are becoming a prisoner of your workspace. The bigger problem is getting constant clients for work; whether you're doing offline marketing or networking locally, you always need more clients. A continuous flow of clients stabilizes the business.

Suppose you are in the building, landscaping, or carpentry business. In that case, you might be wondering how you should go about marketing your business.
Salek Antoz is well-known within the industry for being a digital marketing expert with a reputation for tradie marketing. As he explained, the truth is that you don't have to be a marketing genius to present your business. Opting for digital marketing might be the solution you need. So, we compiled top questions by local tradies about digital marketing and got Antoz's opinion on this.

  1. When should you start marketing for a trade business?
  2. Can a website attract clients?
  3. Can you grow your Trade business with digital marketing?
  4. How does blogging and SEO help Tradies?
  5. Is Content marketing necessary for Tradies?
  6. How to use search engine ads?
  7. Can email marketing increase revenue for the Trade business?

When Should You Start Marketing for A Trade Business?

Before you start marketing you need to set up your business first. So, the first question should be, how to start you trade Business? Don’t go running off to spend thousands of dollars on marketing, slow down, start from the bottom.

The first thing’s first, you need to get yourself a trade license. Starting from the bottom means getting an expert opinion on your business, whether everything is going in the right direction or not. 

The two things that matter the most while getting your license is

  1. The Location you want to conduct your business in
  2. The niche you choose for your business

One of the best Tradie and RPL experts that deals with Builder Licensing is Educube. You need to have previous experience and proper RPL certifications based on the relevant industry. Educube can get your skills certified, and they're the best at getting tradies started with their business.

Can A Website Attract Clients?

No matter what business you're in, always start off by analyzing what the competitors are doing. Once you do that, you'll simply realize that no one does their marketing without a website. Long story short, yes! a website does have the potential to attract clients. This is how your website can attract clients-

  1. A website establishes brand value
  2. Gains your client's trust
  3. A blog can help out people, establishing you as an authority
  4. The website can set up appointments, addresses, and contacts 
  5. Proper SEO can gain you a recurring audience, and the audience can convert to clients

Can You Grow Your Trade Business with Digital Marketing?

Once you get your license and get your site live, you'll be ready to dive in for digital marketing. When you analyze your competitors, you will realize all the big names are doing digital marketing. Digital marketing is a really broad term. For tradies, these are the main things they should focus on.

  1. Blog and SEO
  2. Content Marketing and Link building
  3. Search Engine Ads
  4. Email Marketing

How Do Blogging and SEO Help Tradies?

There are so many strategies you can follow. But the optimal solution is to have a portfolio website with a blog. The blog would need a dedicated SEO and a content writer to run it and grow it from scratch. The blog brings audiences to read your article; if they find it helpful, they might convert to clients. If they share it, they might attract potential clients as well.

Is Content Marketing Necessary for Tradies?

There is no definite answer that fits all. Each case is different, but if individuals focus on getting their content linked from multiple sites, this is necessary. As a matter of fact, content marketing is an absolute for the growth of a blog. Content Marketing for blog’s growth is a process of outreaching to similar sites asking them to link back to you. It is a time-consuming job, and it requires a lot of attention as well.

The goal of content marketing is to get links. Backlinks increase a sites authority in googles eye. So, is content marketing necessary? It might not be for everyone. If you have lesser time and budget then focus on link building. So, is link building essential? Yes, it is quite mandatory for any type of website.

How To Use Search Engine Ads for Tradie Marketing?

Instead of focusing on every single search engine, focus on Google. Google ads do produce outstanding results without any doubt. As trade business is a competitive business in Australia, it would be difficult for anyone to stay firm in marketing unless they do search engine marketing.

Can Email Marketing Increase Revenue for Trade Business?

Long story short, yes, email marketing is every bit as effective as it is for large tradie businesses to small ones. It is a powerful marketing strategy that all the big fishes follow. For example, let's say you're in the carpentry, plumbing industry; you might get recurring clients. In this case you can set up a campaign and email your entire contact about your new blogs, deals, offers that might get them converted multiple times.

Now that you know the initial steps to get started, it's high time you should get started on your journey to building a fantastic Tradie Business in Australia.


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