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Better Than Business Cards - 5 Innovate New Ways To Share Your Contact Details

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The way we interact with each other, especially in business, is always evolving. Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic hurried this evolution along faster than we thought it would, but either way, change is inevitable. Technology keeps advancing, and so does the way we connect with business contacts. 

Although the traditional business card still has its place, new, innovative ways to share contact information have emerged, making it easier than ever before to network. Below, we discuss several unique and practical ways you can share your contact details with anyone. 

  1. Corporate Promotional Products

What better way to stay at the forefront of a customer or business associate’s mind than to give them a gift that’s both unique, memorable, and functional? To that end, you can use corporate promotional products to create a business card of sorts out of just about anything. 

From customized bottle openers and tote bags to office supplies and tools of the trade, you can adorn these items with your full contact details, a QR code, or just your company name or logo. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that anyone who receives such a thoughtful gift will remember you for a long time. 

  1. Digital Business Cards

Also called electronic business cards or virtual business cards, digital business cards take sharing contact information to a whole new level. Unlike their paper counterparts, these business cards have no space limitations, allowing you to enter as much information as you’d like. You can even add photos, videos, social media profiles, and more to create the ultimate business card. The coolest thing about digital business cards is that you can create them on any device and share them with anyone who has an electronic device. 

  1. Conductive Ink

If you’re more of a traditional type and prefer the good old-fashioned paper business card, you’ll be happy to hear that even these can be digitized, making it easier to share your contact details. 

Conductive ink business cards look and act just like paper business cards; until they’re placed atop a smartphone, that is. The conductive ink used to print them automatically sends your contact information directly to their phone where it’s saved in their contacts for all time. 

How cool is that?

  1. USB Flash Drive Cards

If you’re working within a budget but would love to do something creative in terms of sharing contact info, consider investing in USB flash drive business cards. These ingenious cards look like a regular business card, but one end opens to reveal a USB flash drive. 

You can load the flash drive with all sorts of information, including resumes, videos, and more, and when the recipient is finished viewing the content, they’ll have a flash drive they can use for anything they want. 

  1. Buttons

Buttons are making a comeback as of late, and they make a great alternative to the paper business card. Many people enjoy wearing buttons on their shirts or placing them on their bags, and for the most avid collector, you’ll find them pinned to a board on their wall. 

If you’re looking for something extremely affordable and highly effective at promoting and sharing your company’s information, buttons are it. You can focus on a specific text or use your company logo, and when someone wears the small trinket, they become a walking billboard for your brand. 

While the traditional business card has its place, today’s way of sharing contact details is much more convenient and fun. If you’re looking for unique ways to share your contact info, consider the ideas above.


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