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5 Must-Have Equipment for Your New Bakery

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Are you considering investing in your very own bakery? Developing any business isn't just about serving your clients with your product. It also takes proper management, ample time and efficiency to build it from the ground up. If you already have a bakery or want to refurbish a new one, consider picking a good bakery design. This process includes opting for the right equipment and commodities to ease your work. We understand that finding the right equipment can be a challenging and daunting task. To figure things out, you need to be clear about what and how much you plan on producing. Getting a good ballpark around your budget can also be a good way to start.

To help make things easier for you, we will take you through the top 5 baking equipments worth every cent.

Commercial Bakery Ovens

It is said that the heart of any bakery lies in its oven. Ovens are a staple in establishments such as cafes, restaurants, bakeries etc. because they have the power and capacity to handle large scale business requirements. A commercial oven is concerned with the baking and heating of food items in a purely commercial setting. It is important to thoroughly investigate what and how much of the product you want to produce. These will be important in influencing the type of oven you do end up buying, which will be appropriate for your needs. Regardless of the type of oven you install, including commercial pizza oven, always have it under a ventilation hood.

Commercial Mixers

Commercial mixers are designed specifically for professional use. They mainly help in mixing large batches of batter or dough and are used extensively in bakeries. As a customer, you have access to a wide array of commercial mixers in their size and other specifications. They are one of the most versatile equipment for a bakery you can get your hands on. Many current models include innovative features such as bowl guards, belt drive systems etc. for increased productivity. The power rating on the mixer helps ensure that the dough is kneaded properly without wearing out the motor. Many of them also come with varying mixing speeds, which are crucial for precise mixing for preparing complex items.

Dough Dividers

The main job of a dough divider, as its name suggests, is to take a large batch of dough and divide it into consistent portions of equal size and weight. This approach comes in handy while baking high precision items such as pizza crusts, loaves of bread and pies. Not only it helps with precise volumetric division and helps in cutting down manual labour in favour of mechanical systems. Look for models with removable bowls, adjustable kneading stroke lengths and kneading speed, among other things. Apart from the physical features, also go for the ones that offer hygiene and safety features.

Dough Sheeters

The dough is the top precursor for most baked goods, and it is vital to consider the process by which it is prepared. A dough sheeter is involved in taking dough balls and stretching them out according to the specified size and thickness. This machine works best with pizza crusts and pies, where consistency is key. Apart from the uniformity in size, a dough sheeter can deliver fast results, boosting the production chain. Dough sheeters can be of two types-reversible and non-reversible. Reversible dough sheeters allow the operator to roll forward and backwards, whereas non-reversible dough sheeters make it possible to roll the dough in only one direction.

Bakery Proof Boxes

Proofing works best by allowing the dough to rise through the yeast formation process. For the dough to rise, it must be subjected to a warm and humid environment, and this is where bakery proof boxes step in. Also known as proofing cabinets, they let the user select the required humidity and temperature levels for the perfect croissants, loaves of bread and doughnuts. While looking to buy a new bakery proof box, consider things like how many pans the proof box holds, what shape and size they must be, in what layout can they be installed, how big the doors are, and are they transparent.


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