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10 things you must carry while traveling

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Yes, you are not alone in this catastrophe of what to pack and what not! You are not alone scuffling with zips and plunging up and down on your suitcases and bags, it is similar for many of us when we travel. Whenever you plan to travel, whether it’s your first flight or you are a commuter, the mind moves to the list to packing up in the first place and when you are back from the trip there are dozens of things that are untouched throughout your voyage.

Keeping that in mind we would guide you with the ten most essential things you would need to travel intelligently, comfortably and conclusively.


Well, of course, you can’t think of traveling without money, but aside from conserving some cash for contemporary usage, two cards should be on hand one Visa and one MasterCard as one of the two is accepted throughout the world. It’s safe to reserve them separately to be safe if you’re filched. When you take one, it’s better to keep the visa card as it’s most generally widely approved. It’s always recommended to inform your bank before traveling away from your home and having online purchase approval of your card would help you book your hotels and buy your tickets online.

Mobile and accessories:

The most important thing which we think to carry with you above even money is, your mobile phone. You can call a friend/relative to get you money if you are bankrupt. Apart, you can hold all your memories on your mobile camera from the food you eat to the places you visit and you can also keep a record of the people you meet. Mobile chargers, handsfree, and other accessories are equally significant. Keep your battery bank if you have one so that you don’t run out of your mobile battery especially when you need most. If anything, try investing in a solar power bank, just in case you need it.

Sim card:

When it is said mobile phone, a Japan sim card is equally important to have international roaming of your sim and internet. It maintains your access to the Internet data, navigates you to your destinations and keeps you connected as soon as you land without any commotion. You can be in contact with your loved ones 24/7, share your live locations, pictures, and videos. Having access to Google maps helps you save your time and money. The sim helps you get engaged wherever from any part of the world avoiding any uncertainty of your family and friends to reach you anytime. This keeps you safe and secure. In an emergency, you can get in touch with someone asap.

Mini pharmacy:

A small box of basic medicines like painkillers, anti-inflammatory, expectorants, and anti-allergic medicines should be packed along to keep yourself safe from any prolonged illness and ruining your trip. Don’t forget to keep your life-saving drugs if you are in the use of any, and if you suffer from travel sickness then it’s better to get your medicines beforehand. It’s also recommended to keep a mini first aid box of plasters/band-aids, a small pair of scissors, iodine and an ointment. Mishaps happen, you don't know what to expect. This is an essential tip.


Although it sounds simple, keeping a flip flop with you helps immensely by giving rest to your feet and toes after long routes of walking in your shoes or joggers. These have to be comfortable and tough to last throughout your trip. Attractive and durable flip flops are available in the market which is relaxing, easy to pack and even foldable. It will also keep you at ease if it rains or you get a chance to stop by a beach.


Placing your important documents like visas, passports, tickets, receipts, driving license and travel insurance in a separate file will help you manage your essential testimonies. It's reasonable to keep a photocopy of all your documents, especially your passport to save your time when you reach each border. You’ll be glad at yourself for keeping the foresight to have few wedges in your wallet.

USB device/pen:

Packing a USB flash device will not put up with much space but it can save your gadget’s space while making videos and pictures. You’ll feel unrestricted to get as many clicks and memories down your mobile phone or your camera. You can also carry some of your favorite tracks on it staying safe from extra loaded space. You can also keep soft copies of your important documents on your USB.


When you are carrying your valuables with you it’s always fair to think of ways to keep them safe. Although you get free lockers with your hostel rooms, it is not always essential that you get a lock for your baggage and closets everywhere so it’s prudent to keep a padlock with you in case you need it. It also stops opportunistic drifting hands from penetrating the depths of your rucksack.


You decide on your clothes but I would suggest you keep some extra undergarments to keep you clean and safe of infections in case you don’t get access to laundry or enough warmth to get them dried on time. It’s also inferred that you try to purchase quick-drying fabric, breathable and sweat-wicking material for your traveling purpose. They are easy to pack and consume less space too. Keeping a good collection enables you to prevent any loss of your small possessions.

Toothbrush, shaver, sunscreen:

Although you get basic toiletries in some of the hotels or rest houses not all would always serve you. It’s useful to keep your skin custom products like your soap, shaving materials, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and towel to avoid any contagious diseases, especially if you are prone to skin allergies or infections. Having packed your sunscreen will also help you from any skin suffering. Women are recommended to keep a small kit for their makeup to keep themselves presentable and enjoy their photoshoot and if you are short of space packing just a few shades of lipsticks can be used for eyeshadow and blush-on too.

Pack it up!

With these must travel stuff I guarantee you happy and safe content of your luggage which would not only keep your body and your mind at ease but will also let you explore your destination with full excitement and comfort. You will furthermore be able to collect your memories, connect with your friends and share your locations on the go. Happy traveling!

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